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LiveZilla Widget API

LiveZilla Widget API allows you to apply configurations or change visual aspects on-site via Javascript calls. Please make sure that the LiveZilla (version and up) chat button code is integrated in the page where you want to access the API.
Data Privacy

Cookie Opt-In
If you have cookies configured to be "Opt-In", this call activates the usage of cookies.


Cookie Opt-Out
If you have cookies configured to be "Opt-Out", this call removes all cookies and ensures that no further cookies will be set.


Visitor Monitoring / Tracking Opt-Out
Visitor monitoring will be deactivated for the visitor forever.


Data Pass-Thru

Change / Set Visitor Details
Use this function to change visitor details like name or email by passing an data object. Please note this FAQ entry.


Widget UI Controls
Please make sure that you activate "API Mode" when creating your Chat Button Code in the LiveZilla Link Generator

Show Widget


Hide Widget


Toggle Widget Service



Execute Event


Something missing?

If you find anything missing please let us know and we will add the missing structures right away. Thanks.