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Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, Top Universities and over 15,000 Users.

This is not only one of the BEST open source programs out there, it is one of the BEST PROGRAMS period! It is so feature rich, so good, so stable, and so intuitive, in the two-plus years we've been using it, I haven't even had to use support once, and that includes not having to visit a support forum! Very well done LiveZilla. Very well done. 
Steve Noe
I cannot think of a better live support tool. Its easy to use, it has all the features required to keep both a small helpdesk team and a large one. Overall it's great! 
Horia Simon
Incredible software. Easy to install and configure. Give you tons of information about what is happening on your website(s). I've tested and used many live help systems in the past and Livezilla is simply the best, without any doubts! 
I have to say that LiveZilla has helped us connect with our customers in a new and unique way. The program is easy to use, and has been a catalyst in several remote computer repairs for our customers. The help forum has been very helpful. I upgraded to the professional version in order to brand it fully. If you are looking for a new way to offer superior sales and computer repair support, this is a great way. 
Ted Fuller
Best online support system i have ever used. Lots of feature and highly customizable. No need to pay any monthly fee. I just love it. 
Bilal Ahmed
Excellant Program, easy setup and install very stable, works great on my linux server and my Win 7 PC. One of the best web tools I have seen in a long time. The contact and chat program is a must and with LiveZilla your customer support is only a click away. I love how I can always monitor who is on my site and with the ability to guide my customers in the right direction, I seldom miss a sale.  
WoW! Simply WOW! I was using a different program before, but this one just blows it away! I love all the different features, I like this enough to go premium. 
Christohper tamayo
Livezilla is really a fantastic utility which gives great interface to communicate visitors in realtime. It is not only helpful but also an essential program for website owners in present scenario. It helps great to improve website, increase web traffic, high customer satisfaction and much more..... 
LiveZilla is a major part of my business success. I consider as important as the Office suite. Our customers prefer in the proportion of 10 to 1, to comunicate with us using the online chat service. LiveZilla is easy to use, stable and can be installed in Apple and Android mobile platforms. Very, very useful for my company! 
Marcio Miranda
If I could resume this software in one word would be amazing. 
André Argolo
We came for the Live Chats, but stayed for the Ticket System. What an incredible time-saver. I guess your e-mail composer will "influence" other systems a lot, it's superior! Thanks, my team loves it. 
Frédéric Dupond, ETIC Paris
LiveZilla has helped my company to engage with our customers in grateful way and to keep a good relationship with all my customers. As CEO of my company I have to admit that LiveZilla team put hard work every day to keep this piece of talent software top of the edge. If you are looking for good live chat software, do not look no more and try out LiveZilla today. I highly recommend it! 
Maikel Gongora
Livezilla is awesome, i used it on my university for testing purpose and its working really well. I will purchase its premium components for sure. 
When a client came to me with the need to both offer better support to his customers and better engage web visitors the search was on for something that would fit the bill at a cost managable for a small business - LiveZilla came through on all counts and shocked me as we continued to drill deeper and find more and more features. It is very impressive software and has been incredibly stable - silently working away without a single issue for several months now - and easy enough to operate that the client has several employees now trained to operate it. 
Brandon McGregor
The Best live support scripts i ever seen. I used many scripts from other websites for providing live support ability to my site, but LiveZilla is the best one. We are going to buy it. Keep up the good work. 
Brilliant! Incredible feature set and ease of use, I only wish I'd discovered Livezilla sooner. Great job! 
Since nearly two years LiveZilla is the "communication partner" on the website of "The Bushtops Camp Collection" by Orion Hotels Ltd owning Mara Bushtops Safari Camp in Kenya and the Serengeti Bushtops Safari Camp in Tanzania. Due to the fact of creating more personal interaction with our future customers we are able to deliver five star service quality even on our website. And we don't loose customers due to unanswered questions anymore. Thank you! 
Kurt Haas
I have searched the entire web and used quite a few other solutions but none come even close to the ease, versatility and features of Livezilla! Regardless of cost, I havent't found any other to beat it! 
ian melville
An efficient chat application that has a user friendly GUI, nicely designed, with a not too complicated appearance. Allows users to get things done with ease. 
Anthony Acevedo
After trying some other alternative online support tools one day we met with Livezilla. With powerful and easy intallation/setup procedure and powerful and easy to use windows desktop application we set it up almost instantly and integrate it to our webpage. Our customers definately love it. Our support phone call rates dropped seriously. Now after almost a year we will never ever think about using another online support application. Thanks a lot Livezilla for this powerful tool. 
Sukru Emre Erim
I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Livezilla is user friendly, easy to setup and it's very convenient. I would recommend every business with online presence to make use of it. 
Elias Ngwenya
Awesome Product, fantastic value! Unlimited Geo Tracking will be enabled shortly. Mass Kudos to a well thought out platform.  
Michael Quale
I have been using LiveZilla for my webhosting business for a while now, and our customers are insanely pleased that besides the stable services, and cheap pricing, we are able to offer super fast support via IM and the live chat provided by LiveZilla. I would recommend this to anyone. Customer relations will be much easier to manage. 
rares dumitrescu
Great Job Guys. I integrated LiveZilla with Drupal 5.x in short time. I have been using it for the past 4 weeks, and everything works great. 
Mohamad EL-Bawab
Livezilla best solution for online support that I have ever seen. This is a perfect combination of functionality, stability and security. 
Ilya Konovalenko
I've used many Live Help softwares before, but LiveZilla is a real work of art. It has much less bugs than any other software and it's fully customizable. Good job! 
Bijan Sabbagh
Brilliant support tool. Very easy to install, to implement and maintain. We cannot live without LiveZilla. Its essential for us. 
I was so pleased to find such a useful application - just what I needed. It installed easily - worked no trouble 'straight out of the box' and is very configurable. Gives me direct access to my visitors which is often lots better than continually sending emails back and forth. 
Excellent product - customers appreciate that they can communicate directly with me when they visit my website. Product is updated in a timely fashion along with any bug fixes. Keep up the great work, developers! 
Your software is really amazing, very useful for my company, stable, customizable, good performance, easy to use. Thanks! 
Daniel B.
We have been using LiveZilla on our websites to offer live chat for sales and support. Overall, I really like this live chat software; it is a very stable, feature packed piece of software. I would definitely rate it 10/10. 
M. Vaughan
This is a fantastic live support software, I sell web hosting and some of my clients are using it also. I wan't rate this high enough and i've tried many other live support software in the past, but it doesn't compair anything to your software. Well done Live Zilla! 
Allen Mcmillan
Livezilla is unbelievably good. I searched for an app like this for years, meaning easy to install myself, integrated with my wordpress site, text AND video chat and I can even integreate it with my payment gateway and customize images! There's only one way to describe Livezilla. WOW! 
We love this product and our staff and customers find it an invaluable tool. 
Kevin Kwasnik
I have no complaints about Livezilla. It has done wonders for my website trust and my clients love it as well. The ability to add staff who can work from home through their own pc and me, as the administrator to be connected and monitor all activity is a powerful feature. It is the best chat program I have seen and I will be a lifetime user. Thank you for a great service! 
Matthew Dees
This is and awesome product that I would recommend to anyone for its stability, easy of use and its uniqueness. I have tested similar products but no date have found no comparison. 
Tyrese Cruise
Absolutely fantastic! Livezilla has become a vital part of our eCommerce business. Allowing our customer service representative the ability to answer questions or instigate conversation has become a key in boosting our online sales. Thank you Livezilla for the excellent work. 
Christopher Nichols
Livezilla was the perfect solution for our company. It's user-friendly, intuitive and easy to implement. Thanks Livezilla team! 
Dan Fujita
Ease of deployment and usage make this in my top ten tools for your web site. 
Excellent script highly reccomend to any company. We have been using Livezilla on over 1500 websites and we have seen an increase on our sales. Also the stability of the script is better then those payed ones. 
Vasilis Pasparas
Easy-to-use, reliable and a very good solution for adding Live Support for your website. In a way your visitors can contact you easily which helps you improve your sale and increase your site traffic. Wish success and more development for LiveZilla and we always ready to help Livezilla. 
Web Services Solutions Group
We did a rollout of a new version of our webshop, we wanted to include a good livesupport system, and we have been looking at 10 different systems, and after testing LiveZilla on our server we were really impressed, you get all features we needed and we had control of everything ourselves. Easy install and simple setup. THANKS LIVEZILLA! 
Rene Johannesen
LiveZilla helps me give my clients the best possible service. Being able to interact through the the website using LiveZilla makes our clients feel comfortable because they know that we aren't a faceless organisation and there are real people behind the website. I highly recommend LiveZilla. It will give you a jump on the opposition! 
Paul McGowan
THE BEST OF THE TOP! No matter what I try I still come back to my LOVEZILLA! This is the first review from my life ... simply because it's from my heart! Congratulations and thank you for the online visitor sound feature :) This is what i love and need most! RATED: not enough stars! 
Great program - thank you so much for providing it. We are very pleased with how easy it is to provide live chat functionality to our clients. I looked at many programs before settling on LiveZilla and I been very pleased with that choice.  
dave k
This is the best live chat software I have ever used, and I will continue to use it. This has helped me out loads and helps my clients/customers get the best experience with our team. Thanks Livezilla! 
Ryan Plant
LiveZilla is an excellent piece of software! The online chat works really well and looks good, too. It also has lots of other added benefits; allowing us to see how many visitors we have on our site and what the customer searched for to find us has been a really helpful tool. LiveZilla is the best online chat software that I have seen and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Sharon Rees
LiveZilla is one of the best online chat systems for websites you can use. Mainly because when I am on the computer, it shows me online, and I don't have to worry about logging in everytime for a web-based chat system. The other great feature, and another reason why I love LiveZilla is that it tells you who is visiting your site in real-time, which is a great analytics tool. And because of it, I have had people chat with me which for me, was a real financial gain. I can't beleive I did not use it years ago. 
Jack Cola
This system is awesome, and fairly easy to setup. I appreciate all the hard work the programmers and others have provided to make this project a success. We are a small ISP and we needed a good solution we didn't have to build ourselves. Thank you. 
Nicholas Maietta
LiveZilla has been one of the most helpful tools for my business. I would recommend Livezilla to anyone who wants to be ahead of their competition in regards to being able to prove top notch customer service. 
Seth Chapman
It increased sales & customer satisfaction. I am able to support to my clients on right time and it leads to greater sales. From one window I am able to support for multiple products and multiple sites with greater control. 
It's amazingly useful. We use it for sales, customer service and much more. It works perfectly, we didn't have any single problem with it. 
Mikel Aguirre
Absolutely wonderful program. Has helped increase my sales as customers love the opportunity to talk to a sales representitive. It has also helped me research my best marketing strategys with Livezilla's built in tracking. Would recommend to everybody! 
Rowan Lyles
This program installs very easily. Even when using a remote database on an offsite server. Initially, I had a connection problem, but after diagnosing it I discovered the problem was my server and NOT the LiveZilla program. I have recommended LiveZilla to many people who needed a live chat service on their web site. Thanks again, keep up the great work.  
Richard Chehovin
Awesome and powerful application. Stable and very complete in terms of features in comparation with other ones. 
Esteban Pino Coviello
Having used hosted chat services before and had nothing but problems, as well as significant costs, I was really pleased to get LiveZilla installed on our own server. As well as the clear benefit of no ongoing costs we are in control of our install and won't suddenly be left without live chat if a supplier goes down. Live Chat is crucial to one of our products - customers use it every day and Live Zilla has made it reliable, easy and fun to use. 
Simon Mason
Great software. Always works, looks good and makes us look like the pros we are. 
code fish
Have been utilising Livezilla now for over 2 years and find that it is a program, excellently priced, and for my hosting and web design company, it fits all my live visitor monitoring needs! Fantastic software that I would recommend to anyone needing to contact clients whilst they are on the web! 
Jonathan Youngs
I have been using LiveZilla for a while now and really love it to be honest as it solves my support issue's and with the desktop software that you provide I can see if my server is online so its performs both jobs great and will be upgrading my install very soon as it ticks every box anyone would need for support and I have not had headache with it. Thanks 
Albert F A Matthews
Using Livezilla has enabled us get a more uptodate picture on who's visiting our website. Having a chat button also increased confidence on part of visitors to the website that they can get help whenever they need it. Thumbs up for LiveZilla! 
Mugoma Joseph Okomba
In my opinion Livezilla is the best chat software on the market. It has a strong community and some great developers making the free and premium versions both great to use. I have been using Livezilla on my websites for well over a year and have never doubted the power of the software! 
Gary Spencer
LiveZilla allows my team to respond to questions from current and potential clients from any location I am connected to the Internet. This is great because I spend many hours working and regardless of my location, home, office, vacation, some flights with WiFi access, etc, I can help my customers with their questions as well as schedule appointments. 
Roger T
WOW!! I just installed your livezilla about 2 days ago. Cool information. It is like I can spy on my websites visitors. VERY VERY useful and handy information. Love your software. Excellent. 
Evan Toder
A fabulous tool for keeping in touch with my Team members when we need to work together. As a business owner for a an International website development business Livezilla is our most used communication tool. 
This is the best live chat application that I have ever seen. I would like to thank the developer and once my website takes off I will be buying any premium features as a show of support. Thank you. 
Paul McCarthy
This software has been very useful for our customers and technicians. We can keep track of them and give'em the best tech support that they deserve. Lots of features that make this software the best available for free. 
Oziel Vazquez
We only use LiveZilla for online feedback & support for our hosting company and are very happy with how it peforms & its stability. 
Marc du Plessis
The program is very useful for each Administrator. Speed, reliability, compactness, ease of insertion and code settings - all of this LiveZilla. Thank you for a very important and useful product! With regards, Alexander. 
LiveZilla is one of the few, feature packed open source pieces of software that has made itself absolutely essential for any and every website! From dog accessories to car sales, LiveZilla makes the difference between a good website, and an amazing website. Being able to reach out and communicate with your customers and guests makes for an individual relationship with each person that absolutely can not be achieved any other way. Thank you LiveZilla! 
L. Fox
LiveZila gave me opportunity to be in contact with my family, friends, clients and coworkers. It's very easy to use. Special thanks to developers for not having any bug that I know. Thank You again! 
Mario Gluscic
It's an excellent free software. Its very versatile and you can adapt it as much as you want without any hassle. I strongly recommend it. 
Juan Duque
LiveZilla is really a great software, it has a lot of features, that, without any doubt, help our organization to have a close and fast relation with our customers. Thank you LiveZilla! 
Marcos Willian
LiveZilla is a great program for us to help customers all over Europe. It is a very professional tool especially for free software this program is worldclass. Love to use it. 
I've been using LiveZilla for over a year now on my business website and I love it. It works smooth and has a great number of features, allowing me to provide the support needed to keep my customers happy! 
I've been using Livezilla for over a year now. I've tried other live chat apps but this has always proven to be the most customer/user friendly. I've been able to integrate it with PayPal and now consider it my most effective professional tool. Thank you Livezilla!:) 
I feel that this is a great tool to reach out to some customers that don't feel comfortable talking on the phone, and also cuts the need for extra staff, beasuse one can take calls and chat simultaneously. 
Peter Harris
I haven't been able to find a more simple,easy, attractive & stable live chat program for our website other than LiveZilla. 
Shoaib Ahmed
We have been using LiveZilla for 2 years now and definitely the most user friendly support application that we have experimented with. Both easy to use and powerful in every way, making life easier for both staff members and clients alike. 
Nico Swanepoel
We use LiveZilla since 2008 and highly recommend it to everyone. Almost six years, not a single problem but hundreds of satisfied clients on our side. Thanks and keep up the great work. 
Bendler Cars and Tires
Even my wife can use Livezilla. ;) Just kidding, we both love your product and won't miss it! 
Ewan, New China Real Estate
After burning a lot of time and money for a cloud based service that never actually worked, I ended up with LiveZilla. This software delivers what others promise. I wished I found this site four weeks ago. 
Excellent program which is only out ranked by it's customer service and support. Don't know why people don't want to pay the few pennies a license costs...Well worth it!. Thanks all at LiveZilla 
Mike Cubitt
Awesome features, stability and interoperabilty, exactly what we wanted out of this application. Thank you. 
Kevin Scott
Awesome utility. Only used it for a day but it very fast becomes one of those 'impossible to live without' tools. And having a visual geotracking tool is very cool. I love to sit and watch the markers pop up on my screen :-) 
Kim Juul
I'm very enthusiastic about LiveZilla software. With this, I can have informations I never thought I could have, for example when someone visits our website. Also I can know informations about our visitors. Later I plan to buy LiveZilla PRO Congratulations! 
Christodoulos Constantinou
We LOVE LiveZilla. Our customers LOVE Livezilla. It is an important part of our website and our customer experience.  
Kathy Lippman
Excellent application works flawlessly easily customisable to suit any situation. I have been using livezilla for a while now and I find it a invaluable tool. 
This is the best chat application out there. Thank you. 
Alper Uzmezler
LiveZilla provides a simple way to interact with online customers. It is quick, easy to use, and easy to maintain. 
Just fantastic. I mean open the door Megan Fox standing there just wearing just a smile terrific. Set up simple. Interface great. Honestly hands down one of the best programs I have used in a long, long time. 
Barry Farmer
The best solution for my business. It much better for communication than other chat programs. Customers can leave messages when you are offline. This enhances faster and efficient support for my clients. 
Peter Gathanga
LiveZilla is the most powerfull chat system i have ever used very user friendly. LiveZilla has boosted by business by 10% from january 20, 2010. best thing i ever added to my website. 
What an awesome system! Just implemented it, and looking forward to getting on top of customer support.  
Wayne Thompson
Excellent piece of software. This softare has enabled us to interact with users more efficiently and attracted new users to attend as they have been able to ask questions. We would be at a loss without it. 
Blue Eagle Virtual
The only Open Source Live Support Script which provides Premium Features at zero cost. My Visitor vs Coversion rate has been increased after I have started using livezilla since am able to track my visitors and interact with them at its best! Thanks to LiveZilla! 
I really like this feature. Talked to several people, and the instant feedback we give our customers is great.  
I am a small business, but wanted to offer live support. There are many options out there, but they cost more than a small company can generally afford. Then I came across LiveZilla. It is easy to use, runs flawlessly, and provides me with what I wanted for live chat/support. 
Steve Voorhees
Awesome program makes web support fun and easy two previously unheard of things in my line of web support! THIS SOFTWARE IS AWESOME! 
Jake Spindller
It was the easiest, yet the most powerful Live Support solution ever! I'm so excited to install LiveZilla on all my websites! Love you guys.. 
Nicola Hamwi
A pure killer tool, i m trying to build the codingate since a week now and it's the most kickass and easy to install tool i ever used since 15 years I'm in computing, guys, you're real killers! 
sébastien landrieu
LiveZilla is one of our most used online business tools. The support is fantastic and we have never had any problems or downtime with the program. If anything it has exceeded our PR needs. Thanks for a great program 
Just love it! I was blown away by the features and functionality out of the box. Installation was very easy (15 minutes). 
Excellent product, installation can be tricky if you are a novice. Overall the product is Number 1 as we have used other chat systems and find LiveZilla to be the best. 
Nilesh Vadgama
Great software, with all the features you need in a live support system. I love it, my customers love it! 
Attila Ben?
Absolutely love it, it is perfect for all our needs! 
Excellent component for a website (any kind of website), great functionalities, easy to install. Thank you! 
Roland JORZ
Great widget and functionality! Our customers have given great feedback and we are big fans as well. 
Perfect! A really useful app at a cost acceptable to any size of business, and ours is a small one! Many thanks! 
Kevin Edwards
Great Product with Superb Features. Thanks Very Much. 
I would like to say that Livezilla is a great, yet simple chat application at an unbeateable price. 
Many thanks to master minds behind LiveZilla. Two thumps up for LiveZilla. 
I am very happy with Livezilla, It has many feature that even paid for software lack. It has helped my company with our site for customers that need a fast response (telephone like). Thank you Livezilla. 
Sotiris Oikonomou
This has to be one of the best Live Support Systems to date! Easy to install, intuitive and just beautiful to work with. 
Mana Media
LiveZilla has become an essential part of business for us and we are very happy to watch LiveZilla as it grows in size and customer base. Thank you for everything LiveZilla! 
Chris Page
LiveZilla is a great software! I'd make sure that I always have it on my site! 
Jason Garcia
The best Live Support Software i have ever used. Geo Tracking, Internal Chat and Canned Resources are amazing features here in this software. Thank you Livezilla Team. 
Jenifer Prince
Great tool, really amazing. We have been using this for months and it is the best in its class in its range. I already checked all the live chat tools available but frankly speaking nobody can beat Livezilla. 
One of the best chat systems out there. We will definitely be using it for a long time. 
David Duarte
Very nice program specially because it doesn't have any hidden fee. Unpredictably Stable! 
We have been using Livezilla now for the past two years without any problems. Instructions to set up were excellent, and updates are regular and painless to execute. Awesome piece of software that just gets better with age and has given us the edge over our competition! Thank you! 
Paul Banyard
Excellent, it's simply the best option for live support! 
I absolutely love your product. I was considering many open source solutions and yours (although not open source) is phenomenal. Keep it up! 
LOVE it! It's the most stable software scripts I've used in the last 12 years, and the best supported in terms of updates. 
Ivar Johnson
I have been using livezilla for over a year and it gets better with each new release. Thank you for such a great application. 
Shiller Calixte
We're using LiveZilla over 6 months, everything is going perfect so far. It seems that we'll be using LiveZilla for long term. 
Vincent Sezer DEGE
This tool is great, easy to integrate with website. Exactly what i was looking for. Great job! 
Shairyar Baig
This product has matured very nicely since I first checked it out. Originally I was unsure about the usefulness, but today I put it up on our website and feel it will make a great addition to our tools as we do computer, server & network support, sales and consultation here in Upstate & Greenville, SC ... Thank you! 
John M. Hoyt
Very nice product. One of the few products that exceeded my expectation. Easy to use from both the customer's perspective and the administrator's. 
Keith Howard
If only all software was written like LiveZilla, 10/10 guys, keep setting the standard for all to aspire towards. 
Cameron James
Its great. I have used both on my private site and at work. Really enjoy having it and the concept of chat support makes a great difference to service levels. Happy to be a reference site for you. 
Arthur K
LiveZIlla has been a great tool for our company, it is very practical and helps us keep in direct contact with our clients. 
Gustav Maia
We are very happy in our company with LiveZilla. It's easy to use and it have very usefull features. Thanks for your efforts. 
Absolutely brilliant piece of software! Would recommend to anyone! 
Jamal Hutchinson
This is an awesome chat product and works really, really well. We love LiveZilla and would highly suggest using this live chat. 
Sean Davis
LiveZilla has been really helpful in providing our customers live support. The premium features such as GeoTracking are helpful as well. 
Tundra Program
I'm very happy with LiveZilla, it's a real added value for any webshop. It gives the users a feeling that there's life behind the webshop. I also like the concept that the application can run on our own server. The application is easy to integrate and configure. Best of all it's free with all the necessary functionality and no monthly fees needs to be paid. A very big thank you that we can use LiveZilla. 
Ludo Vandenbempt
The easiest chat support software to set up with and the best in terms of the user interface and features. Almost all of the customers coming to our site (some are technologically challenged) were able to use it. :) Thank you! 
I really like how simple and very user-friendly the system is. Everthing is straight-forward and easy to figure out as how applications should be. 
LiveZilla is a very strong and amazing tool that in addition to providing chat capabilities, gives you actually a strong real-time website access visibility.  
Excellent Software! Is one of the only program that let you personalize depending on your needs. You can set up the security you need, setup as many support agents as you wish. And the best thing of al this greatness is that is free!  
Juan Duque
Simple to setup and configure even for noobs, Works a treat staff love it Makes our support work so much simpler intergrated within 5 minutes onto joomla for the compaines new support site GREAT JOB 
Chris Swain
i would like to give a special thank you to the developer of this system this is one of the system that have make my life much easier very easy to use very easy to configure it i will recommend this system to any body who is looking to have a very professional chat or support system on their website this a great tool.. Thanks once again. 
Erlin Sanchez
LiveZilla has been amazing for us over the last year. We plan to keep using it to connect to our customers 
Ocean Extreme Sports
This is best service which I got! The best part is it's free and you get premium support. Thanks for this and keep going... 
I feel LiveZilla is one of best Chat tools available in this space. I am using for one year and I have no major complaints. I am very happy that I found this tool for website.  
Srinivas Boyina
Very useful tool, very good features, but need more time to get to know all of them. Congratulations. 
We are using LiveZilla for years, What a powerfull live support application. Recommended for all kind of web sites providing services and products online. 
LiveZilla is the best chat client you could have for your website - not only for the chat functionality, but also the live visitor tracking. 
Jack Cola
Its working really good and the good part is, it is permanent without any kind of annual renewel or subscription 
abdul saboor
Yeah, its outstanding. Very very useful for organization growth and easy to use. Thanks LiveZilla Team. 
Excellent chat software! I have been using it for several months and I have had no problems. Easily customizable, very professional UI!  
Michael Hanlon
Livezilla is a very important sales tool to our business. We have had a success rate of closing sale of almost 50%. We are able to reach that ilusive client who isn't comfortable talking on the phone, but wants all the relevant information so that they can make an informed decision.  
Tony Powell
Overall note 5/5, great product! Reliable, easy to use and informative. 
Fred Vilar
Livezilla has made my work more efficient via communicating with my colleagues,getting any needed information at my fingertip with little or no stress. 
Daramola Damilola
LiveZilla is a great addition to the ways our customers can communicate with us. There feedback has been nothing but positive.  
Gail Kelleher
The Romanian Division of IVAO has been using LiveZilla for a while now. It is a very good and reliable software, improving the experience and support for your customers. Overall, we are very satisfied with the product and highly recommend it. 
Alin E.
Livezilla is really very grreat tool to interact with visitors and watch visitor's activities on website.  
Sachin Goyal
Great software, since installing it we have never looked back or needed to evaluate a different livechat alternative. 
Alex Cheung
We are using LiveZilla free for out one operater service and very pleased with it. 
Georgia Rotsaki
I can say that LiveZilla is an awesome tool for me to communicate with my customers as well as monitoring the traffic of my website. 
Don Lee
Livezilla really help us a lot to connect us with our web visitor and convert them to be customer. 
LiveZilla provides Rock-Solid Chat Software where others seem to only focus on Rock-Solid Marketing. This is so much better compared to the system we used before - cheers! 
Khumar Shin
I think livezilla is an excellent tool to chat with the website visitors. I have been using it for the last two years and I am very much satisfied with it! 
Postak S
It has been a great experience right from the start. And with the new overlay design and virtual assistant LiveZilla is for sure the software we will use going forward.  
I've been using Livezilla non-branded for several years now and wouldn't even think of switching. Highly recommended. 
LiveZilla has the best chat function ever! 
It´s an amazing system, I haven´t used it in a large scale but in any case it´s performance is flawless and very well organized. Thanks for an amazing work. 
Daniel Cajiga
Very reliable and easy to set up system. It is a pleasure to chat with our clients through LiveZilla. 
Attila Beke
Really esay to configure and use, Livezilla is for me the best soft to quality online support. My customers are very happy to this. I recommand this soft for all person search a real and serious online support soft. 
Very impressed with this service. I have acquired additional customers due to the fact they can contact me from website. 
Harvey Fisher
Excellent tool for keeping in contact with our customers. Very user friendly and gives us a chance to have 24/7 communication with potential and current customers. 
Vin Johnsen
LiveZilla is the best tool to get in contact with customers quick and easily. It didn't take long to setup, and the ability to upload it straight to my server through it's in-built FTP capabilites was just superb.  
Tristan Buller
LiveZilla chat works great - makes it easy to capture a customer's interest and have a quick discussion which turns them into a qualified prospect. 
Pat Picciano