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LiveZilla Version Comparison

All prices in Euro inclusive VAT (if applicable)
 Full range of features included
 No running costs, non-expiring
 Maximum number of Websites / Domains Unlimited Unlimited
 1 Operator
- Free
 2 Operators
139.90€ -
 3 OperatorsSave 20% 
169.90€ -
 5 OperatorsSave 25% 
249.90€ -
 10 OperatorsSave 30% 
489.90€ -
 Unlimited Operators 899.90€ -
 Premium Options
 Statistics & Reports 99.90€
 Backlink Removal 149.90€
 GeoTracking 69.90€
 Startpage 19.90€
 Premium Bundles (Best Value)
 Bundle ONE:  All Premium OptionsSave 25% 
- 249.90€
 Bundle 2:  All Premium Options + 2 OperatorsSave 35% 
299.90€ -
 Bundle 5:  All Premium Options + 5 OperatorsSave 35% 
449.90€ -
 Bundle 10:  All Premium Options + 10 OperatorsSave 40% 
599.90€ -
 Bundle Unlimited:  All Premium Options + Unlimited Operators 
999.90€ -

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the operator pricing on a yearly or on a monthly basis?
No, neither yearly nor monthly. All operator fees are one-time payments for non-expiring licenses of the version valid at the time of purchase. There are no running costs.

What's the version upgrade pricing?
All updates within the major version are free of charge. Major version upgrades (e.g. from 4.x to 5.x) will cost 50% of the initial operator licensing fee. Premium Option upgrades are always free. Discounts (from vouchers or Premium Bundles) will not apply for upgrades.

Can I combine a ONE with a PRO license?
No, that's not possible. As the name implies, LiveZilla ONE is for one operator only. If you like to have two operators online at the same time, you will need to purchase 2 PRO operator licenses.

What happens when my trial expires?
When the trial period has ended, it will automatically downgrade you to the LiveZilla ONE package. In order to use the functional range of LiveZilla PRO, you will need to buy a license through the LiveZilla Online Shop.

Is the ONE version really free?
Yes, it's free. Like the PRO version, it can be extended with our set of Premium Options but these are not required in order to use the core functions of LiveZilla. If you are an individual, this version will surely meet your requirements.

How can I install LiveZilla ONE?
The installation process is the same as for the PRO version. When the free 14 day trial expires, it will downgrade you to LiveZilla ONE automatically.

Must I start with a free Trial?
Yes. When setting up a new LiveZilla Server, it will initate the free 14 day trial period, regardless which version you like to use. This trial period allows you to try the PRO version (including Premium Options) without any limitation.

Can I upgrade my package later?
Yes, all license types shown here can be combined freely. You can add single Premium Options or additional Operator Licenses at any time.