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Awesome utility. Only used it for a day but it very fast becomes one of those 'impossible to live without' tools. And having a...
Kim Juul
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Premium Option

LiveZilla Statistics & Reports

LiveZilla Statistics and Reports, the enterprise-class web analytics extension gives you long-term insights into your website traffic and support effectiveness.

Server Lifetime-License:
  • For one LiveZilla Server installation (all operators)
  • All future updates of this option are included
  • Can be used with any (future) version of LiveZilla

Key Features:
  • Detailed statistics about visitors, operators and chats
  • All statistical information will stored on your own webserver. No information is passed to third parties in order to comply with the latest data privacy laws
  • Flawless integration with the LiveZilla Operator Client
  • Individually configurable, exportable HTML reports for days, months, years
  • Easy to setup / no further installation necessary
  • Trend display (previous day / month / year)
  • Lifetime license - all future updates included


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