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LiveZilla PRO Licensing
The amount of Operator Licenses available determines the number of operators that can concurrently sign on to the system.

You can install the LiveZilla Operator Client software on any number of computers. You can create any number of operator accounts.

All LiveZilla features (except Premium Options) are included.
2 Operators139.90€
3 Operators (save 20%)169.90€
5 Operators (save 25%)279.90€
10 Operators (save 30%)489.90€
Unlimited Operators899.90€
No yearly or monthly costs
One time payment, no running costs, non-expiring
All licenses and bundles can be combined freely
Additional licenses can be purchased at any time
Start with a smaller bundle and add additional operator licenses when they are needed
All updates within the major version are free of charge
Major version upgrades (e.g. from 4.x to 5.x) will cost 50% of the initial operator licensing fee
Each Operator License is valid for one LiveZilla server installation only and can be used with any number of websites, IPs or domains
Free license for your local testing server included

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