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Need some overview?

Yearly, monthly and daily reports covering chats, tickets and website visitors.

Do you know what's happening on your website?

See instantly, who's on your site.

Answer recurring enquiries with no typing.

Don't waste time formatting emails or typing the same answer over and over again.

Custom Fields

Request the information needed to provide outstanding support.

A Straightforward Ticket System.

Increase efficiency without adding complexity.

More helping. Less typing.

Answer frequently asked questions using Shortcuts.

Start chatting with your website visitors today.

The best way to say 'Hello'.

Speak your customers language

(our Real-Time translator will help)

Multi-Language Support

30+ Languages included

Really fits anywhere.

Integrates with any website.

(Including yours)

Don't like reading Manuals?

We neither.

When Data Privacy matters.

Your website. Your customers. Your data.

Meet Tom.

Discover why he chose LiveZilla for his customer support.

Built with your favourite Open Source products

Trusted Software based on Trusted Software

The flexible Customer Support Software.

Flawless Integration

No further installation necessary

Different Field Types

Textbox, ComboBox, CheckBox, Textarea ..

Knowledge base & FAQ

Answer recurring questions in just a few clicks

Handy Shortcuts

Answer recurring questions in a second

Pro-active (automated) Chat Invites

Let you visitors know you are there

No hard-coded texts

Translate Messages On-The-Fly

Just type your text

Language Packs included

One click to download and install

No modules required

Simply add a code snippet to your footer

Step-by-step Guides and Wizards

Intuitive interface that speaks your language

All customer data remains on your server

No third party access whatsoever

Help Desk based on PHP and MySQL

Fast, flexible and pragmatic

Installs on your Server and Domain

Flawless Integration, full control, no compromises

Individually Configurable

Focus on what's important for you

File Uploads

Customers can attach files to their enquiries


Just type a word if you forgot the shortcut
All texts of the software can be changed

GUI Text-Editor included

No file editing needed

Easy to setup

Based on Google Translate API

Automatic language detection

Individual Chat Buttons

For each of your websites

Preconfigured Installation

Works without Cookies

No Data Processing Contract required

Runs on any webserver

Just install PHP and MySQL if you haven't already

Respects customer's (Data) Privacy

All data remains on your server

Exportable HTML reports

Save as HTML file or print to PDF
Avoid multiple operators responding to the same case
Categories and channels
Ticket due time and priorities
Ticket API functions
Send and receive emails (SMTP, POP, IMAP)
Send and receive attachments

Data Validation

Validate user inputs

Email Chat Transcripts

Visitors will receive a chat transcript email
Integrated Feedback

Persistent Changes

Supports 70+ languages

All major languages included
All texts can be modified

Complete installation in 15 minutes

Complete Setup in just a few clicks

Masked IP Addresses

To comply with data privacy and security regulations

Highly Customizable

Full access to PHP code with any version

Perpetual Licensing

No Subscription, no running expenses
Absolutely fantastic! Livezilla has become a vital part of our eCommerce business. Allowing our customer...
Christopher Nichols

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