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LiveZilla is an excellent piece of software! The online chat works really well and looks good, too....
Sharon Rees
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LiveZilla Feature Summary

General Features

Multi-Language Support (auto detection) Multi-Website Support Multi-Domain Support Database Support (MySQL) Full SSL Support IPv6 Ready Translation Editor User / Group Permissions PHP API Sound & Visual Alerts Webbased Operator Console LiveZilla APP for Windows LiveZilla APP for Mac OSX LiveZilla APP for Linux LiveZilla APP for IOS LiveZilla APP for Android Customization and Branding
Help Desk / Ticket System

Multi-Language Support (auto detection) Receive emails via POP or IMAP Send emails through SMTP Send & receive messages via Facebook and Twitter (API) HTML and Plaintext Emails Full SSL Support SPAM-Free, secure and unified mailbox Full ticket lifecycle from opening to resolution Assign Tickets to Operators Assign Chats to Tickets Dynamic / Automatic Ticket Templates Track all kind of business issues Send and receive attachments Link Chats and Tickets Flawless Knowledge Base integration Integrated spellchecker Waiting Time indicator Search & Filter options Collision Avoidance Alerts & Notifications
Live Chat Features

Multi-Operator Support Chat forwarding (to Operators and Groups) On-Site and Off-Site Chats (Widget or external window) Chat Bots / Virtual Assistant Instant Callback Service Public Chat rooms (X operators / X visitors) Quality Assurance Chats Classroom, E-Learning and Conference Chats Ratings / Feedback Form Operator Initiated Chats / Chat Invitations Spellchecker Different Chat Invitation Styles Group Chat Queue Line (waiting time & position) Operator Chat Queue Line (waiting time & position) Chat Priority Levels Global Chat Archive Downloadable Operator Visitcards (in chat) Chat Opening Times / Schedule Answer Suggestions / Quick Search Window File Transfers (bi-directional) Global Canned Messages / File Management Real-Time Translation Service (bi-directional) Custom Input Fields (Chats & Offline Messages) Typing Indicator (bi-directional) Email Chat Transcripts
Real-Time Visitor Monitoring Features

Automatic Chat Invitations, Website-Pushs, Overlays ... Monitoring website visitor parameters URL-Based Visitor Filters Security Filter / Ban visitor Co-Browsing Push Web Pages / Website-Pushs Monitor different websites in one client Different operator monitoring permission levels And many more ...