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LiveZilla Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

See who's on your website - instantly!

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LiveZilla's integrated real-time visitor monitoring feature enables you to see instantly, who's on your websites. See who referred your visitors, where your visitors are from (Country, City, Region), what keywords were used to find your site and the path by which they navigate your website. Gather valuable marketing information and interact with your site.

Referral Information Timezone Operating System Page title Last visit date/time Last active time
Navigation history Time on site (for each page) Number of pages visited Browser (type and version) Screen resolution Network name, Host, IP
Language Country, Region, City Search String Landing page Visit Counter

 CoBrowsing and Screen Sharing

The new LiveZilla screen sharing function helps you to get to the bottom of problems on your website more effectively. This allows you to see the website that the person you are talking to is currently visiting, in the same way that that person sees it. The mouse position and any data entered into forms will also be transmitted.

 Security Filter (ban and hide visitors)

In order to make sure that supporters are not been harassed by vicious visitors, LiveZilla comes with an integrated filter system which is based on multiple criteria.

LiveZilla Visitor Monitoring Features

Monitoring website visitor parameters (pass-thru data)
URL-Based Visitor Filters
CoBrowsing and Screen Sharing
Monitor different websites in one client
Different operator monitoring permission levels
Statistics and Reports

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