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Frequently Asked Questions

The Realtime Visitor Monitoring does not work. Why?

Please note that it is necessary to integrate the LiveZilla Visitor Monitoring code into all pages and websites where you like to track visitors.

If you have integrated the Visitor Monitoring code already, you are probably using an invalid doctype combination, e.g. a HTML Chat Button / Visitor Monitoring code in a XHTML website. Please recreate the Chat Button / Visitor Monitoring Code using the Link Generator and select XHTML instead of HTML. Once you did that, copy the new code and integrate it into your website.

Please always make sure that your tracking code is placed inside of the BODY element of your website. Do not place it into the HEAD element.

  Please note:
If you are using a 3rd party content management system (like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and so on) it's possible that the LiveZilla Visitor Monitoring code was being modified by the CMS. It's essential that the Visitor Monitoring code sent to your website visitor is 100% identical with the code generated by the LiveZilla Link Generator. Please have a look at your website's source code and compare the LiveZilla Visitor Monitoring code with the original code.

If you are sure that the integration is correct, please also check the HOST setting which can be found under Server Configuration -> Server. The host value should be the domain of your website or the IP of your webserver. Please don't enter the full path or absolute URL of the LiveZilla Server.

Another configuration value that should be checked, is the Statistic Mode setting under Server Configuration -> Visitor Monitoring. It must be deactivated in order to view visitors in the LiveZilla Operator Client.

In case that only certain operators are affected, please make sure that the regarding operators have the permission to monitor visitors. The permission can be set under User Management -> Users -> User -> Permissions .

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