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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make the program support SSL? How do I enable HTTPS?

LiveZilla comes with full SSL support. You just need to edit the regarding server profile in order to activate it. You can edit your existing server profile under:

LiveZilla Server Admin -> Server Profiles -> Edit

Select scheme "https://" and set 443 as port for this connection.

Please note: If you want to have an encrypted connection for both sides (operators & website visitors) you will need to do that before creating/integrating your Chat Button codes.

Please note: If you receive warnings when browsing your website, telling that your page contains some insecure elements you might have to change the host value under LiveZilla Server Admin -> Server Configuration -> Server -> Host. Please set the host value used by your SSL certificate here.

Also, please make sure that the header image paths are set to HTTPS:
LiveZilla Server Admin -> Server Configuration -> Images

Important: Self-signed certificates will not work.

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