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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make the program support SSL? How do I enable HTTPS?

Yes, LiveZilla comes with full SSL support.

How to activate HTTPS / SSL in your LiveZilla APP

Please edit the regarding server profile in order to activate it. You can edit your existing server profile under:

LiveZilla APP -> Server Profiles -> Edit

Select scheme "https://" and save the profile.

How to activate HTTPS / SSL in your LiveZilla webbased operator console

If you don't use our APPs please open the LiveZilla Operator console via https://

How to activate HTTPS / SSL for your LiveZilla Chat Button code

If you use HTTPS on some or all pages of your website, you must activate HTTPS for LiveZilla as well. In order to do that, you will need to create a new chat button code with HTTPS enabled. 

Please sign on to the LiveZilla Operator console via HTTPS. Open the LiveZilla Link Generator and edit your Element. Switch from HTTP to HTTPS and save the element (and update the code in your website).

Please make sure that the header image paths are set to HTTPS:

Server Configuration -> Images

Self-signed certificates may not work.

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