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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use LiveZilla with multiple websites?


Generally speaking, there are three different ways to use LiveZilla with multiple websites:

One Server Installation (PHP)
Multiple Server Installations (PHP)


This is the preferred method if you like things to be simple. You create one LiveZilla Server in a first step.

In the second step, integrate LiveZilla into all of your websites.

Please note our recommendations regarding the configuration of a standard setup.


This option allows you to have a seperate LiveZilla database for each website within one LiveZilla server. The advantage of this is that all data is strictly seperated by website, no information gets mixed up and your operators run one LiveZilla Client instance for each websites.

Please find detailed information in our FAQ section.

Multiple Server Installations

This is the most intuitive option since you simply setup one LiveZilla Server per website. It gives you the most freedom without any compromises in terms of configuration and usability.

Please keep in mind that each LiveZilla License is valid for one server installation only. You will be required to buy additional licenses for each website. We offer broad discounts from the second website, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with further details.

Comparison Table:

Standard Multiserver Multiple
Unlimited Websites
Different Chat Header Images ¹
Different MySQL Databases ¹ No
Different sets of Operator Accounts ¹ No
Different sets of Administrator Accounts ¹ No
Different Languages ¹ No
Multiple Client Instances ¹ No
Separated Data Storage ¹ No
Separated Statistics ¹ No
Chat runs under Website Domain ¹ No No
Different Template Files ¹ No No
Administration Efforts Lower Lower Higher
Additional Costs ¹ No No Yes
  ¹ for each website

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