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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use and configure the LiveZilla Knowledge Base?

The LiveZilla knowledge base stores information to support your customer communications.

Your team can save and call up answers to recurring questions, as well as tutorials, links, and other files. All team members and - if and to the extent you choose - your customers can have direct access to all content that your daily communications need to convey.

Thanks to direct integration of the knowledge base, this information can be accessed from anywhere in the LiveZilla client software. Whether you are chatting with a customer, or answering a customer inquiry by e-mail or phone, comprehensive, accurate answers are only ever a click away.

Customers can also access the LiveZilla knowledge base externally and carry out searches or receive suggestions based on existing entries, before starting a live chat or creating a new ticket. This reduces the number of customer support requests, and your customers have easy, fast access to the answers they're seeking.

Creating new entries in the LiveZilla knowledge base

The knowledge base can be found in the LiveZilla Operator Client software on the right-hand side. There are four different kinds of entry

  1. Text (which can be formatted and structured using HTML)

  2. Files

  3. Links to web pages

  4. Folders (which are shown to customers as categories when they access the knowledge base externally)

To create a new entry, click on "New" and select the type of entry that you wish to create. Alternatively, you can right click on an existing folder to save the entry in this folder.

After it has been saved, the entry is visible to all team members, as long as it is in the hierarchy beneath the top-level Public folder. Depending on user permissions, other operators and team members can edit the knowledge base entry.

Entries that are below the top-level Private folder in the hierarchy can only be accessed by their owner (their creator) and are not transferred to the server.

By default, customers cannot see new entries when accessing the knowledge base externally.

Setting Up Public Access  (LiveZilla 6.x or greater)

Access to the public knowledge base (chat window) can be enabled by following this process:

Right click on an entry that has been created as described above. In the contextual menu that appears, click on Settings.

This allows you to approve the entry to be accessed by the public in the knowledge base.

Integrating the Knowledge Base into your website

There are different ways to integrate the Knowledge Base and make it accessible for your customers/ website visitors.

  1. You can integrate it directly into your external chat window. In order to configure this you go to: Link Generator -> Chat Button -> Services.

    Please be aware that the integration will exclusively work for the external chat window and the On-Site Overlay cannot be used.

  2. Or you link to: http:/domain/livezilla/knowledgebase.php

  3. You also have the possibility to use the LiveZilla API V2. Further information you can find here: LiveZilla API V2

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