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Frequently Asked Questions

Changes in the LiveZilla Server Configuration are not saved. Why?

Please note that some LiveZilla configurations (e.g. Translations) are stored in a PHP files.

If your changes in the configuration are gone after closing and reopening the server configuration panel or when you receive errors, the problem is likely to be one of the following:

  1. PHP files cannot be written
    Most likely, the file permissions are not configured correctly and do not allow the LiveZilla PHP script to write a new version of the file. Please learn how to set required file permissions and try again.

    If you have a security module (like suhosin or mod_security) installed on your webservers, you might need to adjust the configuration of the security module as well to allow the php config file being written.

  2. Caching Module
    Less likely, you are running a caching module. Please note that caching will ruin functionality of LiveZilla since your webserver returns old (outdated) information all the time. Please deactivate your caching module, at least for the LiveZilla folder.

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