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LiveZilla 8.x is available now!

We are happy to announce that LiveZilla 8.x FINAL is available for download now and we invite you to give it a try. We are looking forward to your feedback.

What's new in LiveZilla 8.x?

Improved Chat Widget

More will be happening in the open in future. Not only will chat invitations be shown without having to open the widget; it will also be possible for customers to respond via the relocated entry field. Files and screenshots can now also be uploaded via a single click.

Screen Sharing

The LiveZilla CoBrowse function shows operators a visitor's current page. However, what about if the visitor is in the customer area or has completed fields in a form? The new Screen Sharing function shows the page exactly as the visitor sees it.

Status Info

In addition to assigning a status, it will be possible to enter free text in the future, allowing additional information such as anticipated return to work date, temporary availability details, or simply a favorite Italian restaurant for lunch to be entered.

Skill / Language / Location-based Routing

The ability to transmit chats to a co-worker is a core functionality. But how do you find the right recipient? In LiveZilla 8.x, co-workers can now be located based on more than just group membership. Instead, their skills, location and language can also be selected.


Anyone who needs to manage lots of accounts in LiveZilla could easily lose sight of issues and changes could be awkward to make. New roles make it easier to summarize and combine user permissions and amendments and adaptations flow much more smoothly. Roles are automatically generated when upgrading.

Realtime Dashboard

Many users have expressed the desire to have a central dashboard that shows current loads alongside a realtime view of all important factors.

... and many other new features and improvements!