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Very nice program specially because it doesn't have any hidden fee. Unpredictably Stable!
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LiveZilla API V2

TicketEditor Object Format
TicketEditor is represented as JSON objects having the following keys:

JSON Key Type Required Read only Comment Example
EditorstringYesNoEditor (=Operator) IDjohn_doe
Ticket Status

[0] = Open
[1] = In Progress
[2] = Closed
[3] = Deleted
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SubStatusstringNoNoTicket Sub-StatusSub-Status Name, added in LiveZilla
IdstringYesNoTicket ID11123
GroupIdstringYesNoGroup Id, Operator must a member of this Groupgroupid1

TicketEditor Functions

Assign Ticket Editor
As of version

POST /api/v2/api.php p_ticketeditor_assign=1


Name POST Key Type Required Comment Example  

CURL Example

curl {yourdomain}{livezilla_folder}/api/v2/api.php
-d {authenthication}
-d p_ticketeditor_assign=1
-d p_data={ "TicketEditor": { "GroupId": "groupid1", "SubStatus": "Sub-Status Name, added in LiveZilla<\/i>", "Id": "11123", "Editor": "john_doe", "Status": "0" } } -X POST


200 Ok: {
    "TicketEditor": {
        "GroupId": "groupid1",
        "SubStatus": "Sub-Status Name, added in LiveZilla<\/i>",
        "Id": "11123",
        "Editor": "john_doe",
        "Status": "0"

Error Codes

                            403 Forbidden: Invalid or no user authentication data sent (see General API Authentication)
400 Bad Data: Invalid or missing POST parameters (see required fields/filters and data types)

Something missing?

If you find anything missing please let us know and we will add the missing structures right away. Thanks.