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LiveZilla API V2

General API Information and Usage
This is the documentation for the LiveZilla API V2 included from 5.2.5.x. Please read the contents of this page carefully.

Unlike other (RESTful) APIs, the LiveZilla API is solely based on POST and JSON. We do not make use of GET, PUT, DELETE or custom HEADER calls and statements to ensure highest availability - even on shared hosting platforms with limited configuration options.

LiveZilla V2 API calls must be HTTP POST requests targeting:


Authentication and Security
All API calls must include the POST parameters p_user and p_pass to authenticate against the LiveZilla server.

Any LiveZilla operator login information can be used for API call. Permission for API calls must be granted under:

User Management -> Roles -> Role -> API

For security reasons it's recommended practice to:

  • Use HTTPS for all connections to your server
  • Configure your LiveZilla to require HTTPS (Server Configuration -> Security -> Require HTTPS)
  • Configure an IP Range for your Operator (API) accounts (User Management -> Operators -> Operator -> Security)

Required Authentication Parameters
These POST parameters must be passed with every API Call.

Name POST Key Type Required Comment Example
Userp_userstringYesAPI Authentication Useradministrator
Passp_passstringYesAPI Authentication Password (md5 encoded)md5('password')

Optional Parameters
These optional POST parameters can be passed with every API Call.

Name POST Key Type Required Comment Example
JSON_Prettyp_json_prettyintNoActivates PHP JSON Pretty Print output1

Something missing?

If you find anything missing please let us know and we will add the missing structures right away. Thanks.