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LiveZilla API V2

TicketMessage Object Format
TicketMessage is represented as JSON objects having the following keys:

JSON Key Type Required Read only Comment Example
Message ID

First message's ID must be equal to ticket ID.

First Message: 11701
Second Message: 246733d03f64db3b72af327d0d835ebd
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TicketIdstringYesNoTicket ID11701
FullnamestringNoNoVisitor's nameJohanna Doe
CompanystringNoNoVisitor's companyJdscompany Ltd.
PhonestringNoNoVisitor's phone #004988373728
IPstringNoNoVisitor's IP192.168.1.222
CallMeBackbooleanNoYesCallback Requiredtrue
Message Type

[0] = (Incoming) Web
[1] = (Outgoing) Email
[2] = Chat
[3] = (Incoming) Email
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SubjectstringNoNoSubject / URLCan you help?
SenderIdstringNoNoOperator or Visitor Idjohn_doe
Commentsarray<int,array<str, str>>NoNo
Ticket Comments

array<index,array<operator_id, comment_text>>
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Attachmentsarray<Attachment>NoYesFile attachments
EditedintNoYesLast edited time (UNIX Timestamp)1395332206
CreatedintNoYesCreated (UNIX Timestamp)1395332206
Customsarray<int,array<str, str>>NoNo
Custom input field values

array<index,array<input_name, input_value>>
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TextstringNoNoMessage PlaintextHello, please help me.

TicketMessage Functions

Create Ticket Message
As of version

POST /api/v2/api.php p_ticketmessage_create=1


Name POST Key Type Required Comment Example
SendEmailResponderp_sendemailresponderboolNoSend autoresponder email to sender of message1
SendEmailReplyp_sendemailreplyboolNoSend operator reply email to receiver of message1
QuoteMessageIdp_quotemessageidstringNoThe Ticket Message ID of the Message the Operator is replying to.90f9cf...

CURL Example

curl {yourdomain}{livezilla_folder}/api/v2/api.php
-d {authenthication}
-d p_ticketmessage_create=1
-d p_data={ "TicketMessage": { "Type": "0", "Customs": "", "ChannelId": "", "Subject": "Can you help?", "Comments": "", "TicketId": "11701", "Text": "Hello, please help me.", "Fullname": "Johanna Doe", "Company": "Jdscompany Ltd.", "Phone": "004988373728", "Email": "", "IP": "", "SenderId": "john_doe" } } -X POST


200 Ok: {
    "TicketMessage": {
        "Type": "0",
        "Customs": "",
        "CallMeBack": "true",
        "ChannelId": "",
        "Attachments": "",
        "Edited": "1395332206",
        "Subject": "Can you help?",
        "Comments": "",
        "TicketId": "11701",
        "Text": "Hello, please help me.",
        "Created": "1395332206",
        "Id": "
First Message: 11701
Second Message: 246733d03f64db3b72af327d0d835ebd", "Fullname": "Johanna Doe", "Company": "Jdscompany Ltd.", "Phone": "004988373728", "Email": "", "IP": "", "SenderId": "john_doe" } }

Error Codes

                            403 Forbidden: Invalid or no user authentication data sent (see General API Authentication)
400 Bad Data: Invalid or missing POST parameters (see required fields/filters and data types)

Something missing?

If you find anything missing please let us know and we will add the missing structures right away. Thanks.