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LiveZilla API V2

ChatTranscript Object Format
ChatTranscript is represented as JSON objects having the following keys:

JSON Key Type Required Read only Comment Example
ChatIdstringYesYesThe chat ID11123
TimeStartintNoYesUNIX Timestamp of chat's start time1395332157
TimeEndintNoYesUNIX Timestamp of chat's end time1395332206
LanguagestringNoYesVisitor's langauge (ISO two letter)EN
OperatorIdstringNoYesOperator's User Idjohn_doe
VisitorIdstringNoYesVisitor's Idbd1e10d650
GroupstringNoYesGroup Idgroupid1
HTMLstringNoYesHTML Chat Transcript<table width="97%" border="0"....
PlainTextstringNoYesPlain Text Chat Transcript| 20.03.2014 17:15:59 | Stefa...
FullnamestringNoYesVisitor's nameJohanna Doe
CompanystringNoYesVisitor's companyJdscompany Ltd.
QuestionstringNoYesVisitor's questionCan you help me?
CountrystringNoYesVisitor's countryUS
PhonestringNoYesVisitor's phone #004988373728
HoststringNoYesVisitor's host19453972n@serviceprovider.domain
IPstringNoYesVisitor's IP192.168.1.222
Customsarray<int,array<str, str>>NoYes
Custom input field values

array<index,array<input_name, input_value>>
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ChatTranscript Functions

List Chat Transcripts
As of version

POST /api/v2/api.php p_chats_list=1


Name POST Key Type Required Comment Example
ChatIdp_chatidstringNoReturn the chat matching this chat Id.11123
Groupp_groupstringNoReturn all chats of this group.groupid1
Operatorp_operatorstringNoReturn all chats of this operator.john_doe
Start Afterp_start_afterstringNoReturn all chats with start time later than
2014-01-01 23:59:59
Start Beforep_start_beforestringNoReturn all chats with start time earlier than
2014-01-03 00:00:00
Outputp_outputstringNoHTML | PlaintextPlaintext
Limitp_limitintNoMaximum number of chats to return.100

CURL Example

curl {yourdomain}{livezilla_folder}/api/v2/api.php
-d {authenthication}
-d p_chats_list=1
-d p_limit=10 -X POST


200 Ok: {
    "Chats": [
            "Chat": {
                "ChatId": "11123",
                "TimeStart": "1395332157",
                "TimeEnd": "1395332206",
                "Language": "EN",
                "OperatorId": "john_doe",
                "Group": "groupid1",
                "PlainText": "| 20.03.2014 17:15:59 | Stefa...",
                "HTML": "<table width="97%" border="0"....",
                "Fullname": "Johanna Doe",
                "Email": "",
                "Company": "Jdscompany Ltd.",
                "Phone": "004988373728",
                "IP": "",
                "Question": "Can you help me?",
                "Host": "19453972n@serviceprovider.domain",
                "Country": "US",
                "Customs": ""

Error Codes

                            403 Forbidden: Invalid or no user authentication data sent (see General API Authentication)
400 Bad Data: Invalid or missing POST parameters (see required fields/filters and data types)

Something missing?

If you find anything missing please let us know and we will add the missing structures right away. Thanks.