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LiveZilla Live Chat I have been using livezilla for over a year and it gets better with each new release. Thank you for such a great application. LiveZilla Live Support
Shiller Calixte
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Company Profile / Information
LiveZilla GmbH
LiveZilla GmbH was founded in June 2009. Realm of ideas and initiative connected with spirit of enterprise and courage to risk were major capital of the founder Kevin Spaun. Since the establishment the philosophy of Kevin Spaun, consequent quality and reliability, guaranteed continous success and growth of the company.

Contact Information
Address: LiveZilla GmbH
Byk-Gulden-Stra├če 18
78224 Singen
Phone: +49 (0)7731 9219556

Company Information
Managing Director: Patrick Keil
USt.-Id.-Nr.: DE 266496706
Register court: Freiburg HRB 703898