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LiveZilla Live Chat I've used many Live Help softwares before, but LiveZilla is a real work of art. It has much less bugs than any other software and it's fully customizable. Good job! LiveZilla Live Support
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Livezilla is out! We added a new API to allow direct access for 3rd party applications and your own scripts - just one of several new features. Please check our LiveZilla change log for further details. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks!

LiveZilla 5.x Service Pack 2

We are pleased to announce the availability of Service Pack 2 for LiveZilla 5.x. This free update for LiveZilla 5.x users contains performance improvements, maintenance fixes but also new functions and workflow optimizations. A full listing of all changes can be found in the LiveZilla change log. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

LiveZilla 5.x

We are glad to announce that LiveZilla Version 5.x is available for download now. For the 5th time we've turned everything upside down to reach a new level of quality. We are sure that this major upgrade will improve both your and your customer's experience significantly.

Powerful new Features in version 5.x:

  • Ticket System
    While LiveZilla always provided a way for your customers to get in touch with you when you are offline (through so called offline messages), there was no real ticket system included. From version 5.x there's a complete Ticket System included that allows you to receive and send your emails directly through LiveZilla. We are excited to see if you enjoy this new feature as much as our support team does.

  • Mobile Client (Web, IOS, Android ...)
    We know, you have been waiting long for this. The market for mobile device changed rapidly over the last years and we took our time to find a technical plattform that allows us develop a mobile client of our product that runs on all plattforms smoothly.

    Please note that all known features from the Windows Client being ported very quickly.

  • Concurrent Chat Limitation in LiveZilla ONE removed
    LiveZilla ONE is completely free for one operator now. Great for individuals, start-ups and smaller websites.

  • LiveZilla Client and Server Admin Community Language Packs
    LiveZilla is now available in Portoguese, Chinese, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian and 20 other languages!

  • Chat Archive for internal Operator and Group chats
    All your internal conversations will now be archived for later viewing.

  • New Emoticons
  • New Spam / Flooding Filter
  • Optimized user management panel
  • SFTP Support
  • InnoDB is no longer a requirement (new Server Installations only)
  • PHP Magic Quotes compatible
  • Info field/description for chat and ticket input fields

... and hundreds of other improvements.

LiveZilla 5.x / Free Upgrades available

The next big update already just around the corner and our team is excited to provide you with several new features and improvements in july. We have good news for everyone waiting for version 5.x already: All LiveZilla 4.x licenses sold from today will upgrade to version 5.x for free automatically!

LiveZilla 4.2.x & LiveZilla ONE

In good time for christmas, LiveZilla 4.2 is ready for download.

We like to thank all BETA testers for the great support and the wide feedback during the BETA period.

This new update allows you to use the long-awaited features onsite/overlay-chat and chat bot on your own website. We are using these features on livezilla.net for a while and received many emails on how to get them. We are glad to finally provide these features to our customers as well. But there are many other new features and improvements (listed in our changelog) that will make Live Support even easier and even more comfortable.

Along with this new update, we like to announce a change in our licensing concept.

In October 2011, we released LiveZilla 4.x and ended our freeware concept that wouldn't have allowed us to stay in business much longer. This step was necessary and many of our customer were able to understand the reasons for this and have supported us greatly. However, at this particular time about 85% of the LiveZilla users are still using the old but free version 3.x. Since LiveZilla 3.x does not receive any further updates, over the time many compatibility problems appeared (e.g. with Windows 8) and it's not recommendable to stick with this version much longer. Seeing the majority of our users sitting on old software is a nonsatisfying situation for our project. We therefore decided to introduce LiveZilla ONE which is based on an idea that has been suggested repeatedly by different users. This special version does not have the same freeware concept as LiveZilla 3.x but may help individuales, start-ups and non-profit projects to benefit from the latest stages of development. LiveZilla ONE is generally limited to one user and one concurrent chat only but offers all known and new features - for free. We hope that this version allows many of our users to upgrade to 4.x and finally leave 3.x behind.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

LiveZilla 4.2.x BETA

We are glad to announce that the LiveZilla public BETA period has started. This free major update comes with many new live help features like Overlay Chats, Chat Bots, Commercial Chat Integration, Instant Callback service and dozens of bug fixes, new options and minor improvements.

Everybody is welcome to give it a try. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Please expect a stable final version in 4-6 weeks. Happy testing!

Google Chrome Scrolling Trouble

Since the latest update of Google's Chrome Browser (which installs automatically - you are usually not being asked), you might experience that the chat window is not longer scrolling down automatically.

The fastest way to fix this for all versions of LiveZilla is described here

We recommend all users to apply this change immediately.

As a matter of course, we will provide an official update ( as soon as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

LiveZilla 4.x is out now

We are glad to announce that LiveZilla 4.x has been released today. This major update comes with several new features such as live chat monitoring (quality assurance), group chats with multiple operators and/or customers, different custom chat login input elements (CheckBox, ComboBox, Text, TextArea) and more than 100 minor features, improvements and bugfixes. We are sure that the waiting was worth it.

We need to inform our users that we finally had to get away from our initial freeware concept. In short terms, LiveZilla 4 can not be licensed for free anymore. We regret this step but finally there was no alternative. The freeware concept does not allow us to strengthen our team which is urgently necessary to keep in tune with the wishes of our users and steadily improve our service. The new concept will enable us to reduce the time for updates, port LiveZilla onto other platforms like Linux or MAC, add further translations and improve the quality of our customer support significantly. Based on the user feedback we constantly receive, we are confident that our users will understand the necessity of this step.

Please note that the in-build update functionality of the LiveZilla Client will not offer you this update for download (this is related to the major changes in our licensing concept). Please download LiveZilla 4.x Full version manually.

LiveZilla BETA

We are glad to announce that the LiveZilla BETA period has started today. Everybody is welcome to give it a try. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Please expect the final version in 4-6 weeks.


LiveZilla has been released. See our changelog for detailed information.


LiveZilla has been released. See our changelog for detailed information.

Incompatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC

Please note that the LiveZilla Operator Client of latest version of LiveZilla ( does not work properly with the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9. The LiveZilla Web Client (customer side) is not affected at all. We will release a fix for this issue in the next days. Until then, please wait with the installation of Internet Explorer 9 RC. Thanks for your understanding.


We regret to announce that the free GeoTracking service will be discontinued by the end of January 2011. Due to the exponential growth of users in 2010, we are not able to keep the GeoTracking service free anymore. As a matter of course, Premium Users are not affected by this step.

LiveZilla Roadmap for the first half of 2011

The LiveZilla Roadmap for the first half of 2011 is now available. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

LiveZilla BETA 1

LiveZilla BETA 1 is now available. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

Portuguese version of LiveZilla

The first user-contributed translation (into Brazilian Portuguese) is now available. Feel free to give it a try and let us know if something is still missing. If you like to correct something yourself, please use the translation mode to suggest your corrections / changes.

Anti Virus Software Issues

Some users have got a warning from their Anti Virus software that LiveZilla contains a virus / trojan. First of all, it is false alarm. LiveZilla does not contain any harmful software! We use some third party software to protect us against illegal decompiling of our software and this software is the actual root of the problem (but it's also a false positive). The first anti virus vendors have confirmed that it's false alarm and have taken us from their list but others still backlist us.

We have removed the third party code from the latest build version of so if your anti virus software is bugging you, please download it.

I have to add that the translation mode is not working anymore in the latest build. Furthermore, the client only versions and the USB version are still offline. Everything should be back to normal until friday.

Sorry for all the trouble this may have caused and thanks for your understanding.


LiveZilla has been released. See our changelog for detailed information.

LiveZilla BETA 1

LiveZilla BETA 1 is now available. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.


LiveZilla has been released. This update is an important security update. We highly recommend to update immediately.


LiveZilla has been released. This update is an important security update. We highly recommend to update immediately.


LiveZilla has been released. See our changelog for detailed information.