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LiveZilla Live Chat LiveZilla is one of our most used online business tools. The support is fantastic and we have never had any problems or downtime with the program. If anything it has exceeded our PR needs. Thanks for... LiveZilla Live Support

LiveZilla Installation Guideline

The LiveZilla installation process in three steps
Please keep in mind that LiveZilla is not a hosted solution, which means that LiveZilla needs to be installed on your local computer (step 1) and on your webserver (step 2) as well. The LiveZilla installation on your webserver is called the LiveZilla Server. Once you have finished step 1 & 2 you can proceed to the final step, which is to integrate LiveZilla with your website(s) (step 3).

Local Installation
Please download LiveZilla and run the setup routine. When finished, you will find an icon named LiveZilla Server Admin on your desktop. Start the LiveZilla Server Admin and proceed to step 2.
Create a LiveZilla Server
The second step is to create a LiveZilla Server. The LiveZilla Server Admin will support you to create the server and transfer its files to your webserver.
Video Tutorial
Integrate with your Website(s)
Once you have finished step 2 you can start integrating LiveZilla with your website(s).
Video Tutorial

Please follow our security recommendations below:

» Use a separate MySQL user Account with a secure password (> 10 chars, alphanumeric) and make sure that the LiveZilla MySQL User has only access to the LiveZilla database.
» Use a separate Web-User and make sure that the LiveZilla Web-User has only file permissions within the LiveZilla folder.
» Always use strong passwords (> 10 chars, alphanumeric).
» Use only HTTPS/SSL for all connections.
» Change the username of the LiveZilla Administrator (don't use administrator, admin, root ...) and don't use the administrator account for external chats.
» Backup your data regularly.
» Never use outdated versions of LiveZilla, apply all updates as soon as they are released.

Need additional help? Having problems?

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