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How to install LiveZilla

The LiveZilla installation process in three steps

Please note that LiveZilla is not a cloudbased service. LiveZilla will run autonomously on your own webserver and it is necessary to upload a bunch of files via FTP to your server (step 1). Afterwards you will need to create and configure your LiveZilla Server (step 2). Once you did that, you can integrate LiveZilla into your website (step 3).

Don't worry, it's dead simple.

Upload of Files
1 Please download LiveZilla from our website. Now unfold the ZIP file into a folder on your computer. Afterwards please open your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) and start uploading the files to your web server. You can upload the files into any folder of your choice (usually http://www.yoursite.domain/livezilla/). Once the upload is completed you can continue with the installation of your LiveZilla server (step 2).

Download Setup

Configuration of the LiveZilla Server
2 Please open the LiveZilla Server Page (e.g. http://www.yoursite.domain/livezilla) to which you uploaded the LiveZilla files your web browser. Afterwards please follow the different steps of the installer (configure of the databases, configure data privacy settings etc.). Please find more detailed instructions here:

Read Guideline

Integrate with your Website(s)
3 As a last step you will need to integrate LiveZilla to your website. Please generate the code for the chat button(s) of your choice using our Link Generator and integrate it to your website's source code. Please note that you need to paste the code within the body-tags. Please find more detailed instructions here:

Read Guideline

Better safe than sorry ...

» Use a separate MySQL user Account and a secure password (> 10 chars, alphanumeric).
» Use a separate Web-User and make sure that the LiveZilla Web-User has only file permissions within the LiveZilla folder.
» Always use strong passwords (> 10 chars, alphanumeric).
» Use only HTTPS/SSL for all connections.
» Change the username of the LiveZilla Administrator (don't use administrator, admin, root ...) and don't use the administrator account for external chats.
» Backup your data regularly.
» Never use outdated versions of LiveZilla, apply all updates as soon as they are released.

Need additional help? Having problems?

» Please troubleshoot and contact us.