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How to Integrate LiveZilla Live Chat with your Websites

1. How to get the Code
Please sign on to the LiveZilla Operator Console and open the Link Generator [ ]. While the Link Generator offers you several different configurations, in most cases you don't need to set up much.

You can choose from 5 different integration elements:

  • On-Site Chat Overlay
  • Graphic Chat Button
  • Floating Button
  • Text Link
  • Visitor Monitoring

Additional settings (chat routing, pass-thru parameters, settings) can be found under Advanced.

When all configurations are made please press the Copy to clipboard  button and proceed to step 2 (right side).
2. How to integrate the Code
Please paste the code snippet of the Live Chat Button / Visitor Monitoring HTML script into your web page source code and upload the updated page to your web server.

The code must be placed before closing </body> tag.

Integration with popular CMS:

  • Integrate LiveZilla with Joomla
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Drupal
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Prestashop
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Wordpress
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Opencart
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Magento
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Typo3
  • Integrate LiveZilla with WHMCS
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Shopware 5
  • Integrate LiveZilla with OXID 4
  • Integrate LiveZilla with Gambio

  • Integrate LiveZilla using Google Tag Manager

Your favourite CMS is missing? Something is outdated?

Just let us know and we will provide you with an updated guideline.