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We're using LiveZilla over 6 months, everything is going perfect so far. It seems that we'll be using LiveZilla for long term.
Vincent Sezer DEGE
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What is LiveZilla

LiveZilla is your independent Open Source Live Chat and Help Desk Software

When Data Privacy matters

Somewhere in the cloud is not necessarily the best place for your sensitive customers information.

Easy Installation and Integration

LiveZilla is easy to install and fit's perfectly into your website. Install your new Help Desk Software in less than 15 minutes.

Multi-Language Support

We provide translations for all major languages. Speak your website visitors languages.

Live Chats

Live Chats have been proven to be a most effective way to communicate with your customers and website visitors.

Ticket System

Multichannel Help Desk: Streamlined, Fast and Easy-To-Use. Answer inquiries with lightning speed.

Visitor Monitoring

LiveZilla's integrated real-time visitor monitoring feature enables you to see instantly, who's on your websites.

Statistics and Reports

Our Reports give you long-term insights into your website traffic and support effectiveness.

Completely Free

for one Operator (no further limitations).
Great for individuals, start-ups and smaller websites.
LiveZilla ONE

Affordable Pricing

for companies and larger websites. No running costs.
LiveZilla PRO

Right now, more than


website owners from 103 countries are using LiveZilla to Chat with Customers and to Handle Tickets and Emails.

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