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LiveZilla Live Chat I have been using livezilla for over a year and it gets better with each new release. Thank you for such a great application. LiveZilla Live Support
Shiller Calixte
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LiveZilla - Live Chat & Help Desk Software

LiveZilla, the widely-used and trusted Live Help and Live Support System connects you to your website visitors. Use LiveZilla to provide Live Chats and monitor your website visitors in real-time. It's also an easy to use Ticket System. Turn visitors into customers - with LiveZilla!

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for one Operator. Great for individuals, start-ups and smaller websites.
LiveZilla - Free Live Chat Software for smaller websites

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LiveZilla - Affordable Pricing

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Customer Support
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LiveZilla Live Help Software is used on 60.000 Websites
LiveZilla is used by over 100.000 users on more than 60.000 websites worldwide!
Live Chats      

Start chatting with your website visitors today!
  • Create a more personal connection with your website visitors
  • Increase your sales and customer satisfaction
  • Don't lose customers due to unanswered questions any longer
  • Eliminate being a victim of regular shopping cart abandonment

  1. Richtext Chats
  2. Bots / Virtual Assistants
  3. Global Canned Messages
  4. E-Mail Transcripts
  5. Chat Transfer
  6. Typing Notification
  1. File Transfer (bidirectional)
  2. Commercial Chats / Pay Chats
  3. (Automated) Proactive Chat Invites
  4. Global Chat History / Archive
  5. Operator to Operator Chats
  6. No Plugins / Applets to Download

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Ticket System
Realtime Visitor Monitoring
LiveZilla Mobile
Highly Customizable      
Statistics & Reports
Real Software - not just a service
Easy to setup and use

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