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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pass-thru visitor information?

LiveZilla allows you to pass visitor related information (like name, email ...) from your website into the chat (login) form. This information can also be used with the visitor monitoring to identify your visitors on your website.

To make use of this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Link Generator and create a new chat button code.

  2. Switch to Data tab.

  3. You can either pass static (=same for all visitors) or dynamic (=different data for each visitor) information. If you want to pass-thru static information, please fill the regarding fields with the information you like to pass to your operators. If you like to pass-thru dynamic information (from your website), please check I want to pass-thru dynamic data from my website and placeholders will be set. Hit Ok and copy the script.

  4. Embed the script into your website's source code (static) or template file (dynamic).

Please note:
  • If you pass dynamic information, please replace each placeholder (like <!--replace_me_with....-_>) when dynamically generating your website "pages" on php/asp/perl/java side.

  • Depending on the element type you like to use (Onsite Widget, Floating Button or Classic Chat button) you may need to url-encode the data.

  • The data pass-thru will only work if the customer didn't already fill in his/her data in the input fields. So the data filled in by the website visitor will always be prioritized.


The following parameters can also be passed directly to the chat.php:

ptn nameJohn Doe
ptc companyJohn Doe's Company
ptl language (ISO two-letter)EN
ptq question / subjectWhere can I find my login credentials?
ptp phone07731123456789
ptcf0 ... 9 custom field 1-10
pth company logo URL
operator target operator (operator username)Tom
group target group (group id)Support or Sales

Example URL:

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