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Frequently Asked Questions

The MySQL authentication has changed. How can I change the LiveZilla MySQL settings?

For technical reasons, it is not possible to apply these changes through the GUI.

  1. Connect to your webserver using a common FTP Client (e.g. FileZilla, freeware).

  2. Change to the _config directory.

  3. Open the config.php file.

  4. Set your base64 encoded details as values for the following keys:

    $_CONFIG['b64'] = false;
    $_CONFIG[0]['gl_db_host'] = MySQL Host
    $_CONFIG[0]['gl_db_user'] = MySQL User
    $_CONFIG[0]['gl_db_pass'] = MySQL Password
    $_CONFIG[0]['gl_db_name'] = MySQL Database Name
    $_CONFIG[0]['gl_db_prefix'] = MySQL Prefix

  5. Save the file.

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