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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send chat transcripts / ticket messages by email?

LiveZilla allows you to send chat transcripts and ticket messages via email to the sender, participant, group, operator, manager or to any other email address.

Please find the general email configuration under:
Server Configuration -> Emails

The mailbox/email account used can be configured for each group separately:
User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Tickets
User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Chats

Please also learn how to fully configure/use LiveZilla as a ticket system.

If you have problems sending emails, please ...

  1. Make sure that the PHP function fsockopen is not blocked in your PHP configuration. Some webhosts block it for security reasons.
  2. Make sure the PHP extension php_openssl.dll is installed. It is required when sending encrytped emails using SSL.
  3. Make sure that your webservers firewall is not blocking the outgoing connections/ports.

If you don't know how to check/change these configurations, please get in touch with your webhosting company.

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