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Frequently Asked Questions

Which placeholders are available in LiveZilla?

Chat Chat Welcome Message Chat Invitation Website Push Queue Message Chat Transcript Email Ticket Autoresponder E-Mail Ticket Operator Reply E-Mail
Chat ID %chat_id%
Chat Transcript %transcript%
Feedback Result %rating%
Feedback Link %feedback_link%
Local Time %localtime%
Local Date %localdate%
Operator Name %operator_name%
Operator ID %operator_id%
Operator E-Mail %operator_email%
Operator Group %group_id%
Operator Group Description %group_description%
Ticket Subject/URL %subject%
Ticket Text %mailtext%
Ticket ID %ticket_id%
Ticket Quote %quote%
Ticket Hash %ticket_hash%
Ticket History %ticket_history_link%
Target URL %target_url%
Search Query %searchstring%
Visitor Lastname %external_lastname%
Visitor Firstname %external_firstname%
Visitor Full Name %external_name%
Visitor E-Mail %external_email%
Visitor Company %external_company%
Visitor Telephone %external_phone%
Visitor IP %external_ip%
Visitor Country %location_country%
Visitor Country ISO %location_country_iso%
Visitor Region %location_region%
Visitor Region %location_region%
Visitor City %location_city%
Visitor Question %question%
Visitor Details %details%
Website Page Domain %domain%
Website Name %website_name%
Website Page Title %page_title%
Website Page URL %url%

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