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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LiveZilla in combination with cloudflare?

Generally speaking, you can use LiveZilla on websites running behind cloudflare.

However, if you decide to activate cloudflare's highly experimental RocketLoader feature, you may notice problems with LiveZilla's Real-Time Visitor Monitoring and On-Site Overlay Chat Widget. While RocketLoader may improve page loading time for scripts in general, it is currently not fully compatible with LiveZilla and you will need to exclude LiveZilla from being rocket loaded.

Cloudflare allows to create custom page rules to exclude certain services like LiveZilla. To create a custom rule for LiveZilla please:

  1. Sign into your cloudflare configuration panel.
  2. Go to websites and click the clockwork icon on the right side. Then hit Page rules.
  3. Enter an URL pattern matching your LiveZilla installation path. e.g. **
  4. Deactivate (=off) the RocketLoader feature for this rule and save your configuration.

Changes will take up to 60 seconds to go into effect.

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