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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Chat Button not visible in my website?

The most frequent reasons for this to happen are the following:

1. You created a filter that prevents you from seeing the chat button based on your IP address or other factors you configured. In order to check your filters please login to your LiveZilla Client and go to the Filters function.

2. The chat button code in your website was generated without SSL encryption (HTTP) but your website loads only scripts that use SSL (HTTPS). Modern browsers don't allow to load mixed contents on SSL encrypted website due to security measures. In order to properly set up SSL for LiveZilla please have a look here: SSL-Configuration

3. If the On-Site Chat Overlay isn't displayed anymore please check if the Visitor Monitoring was deactivated.

4. Multiple chat button scripts in one website.

If the chat button still isn't displayed after checking all the points mentioned above please contact our customer support.

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