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Perfect! A really useful app at a cost acceptable to any size of business, and ours is a small one! Many thanks!
Kevin Edwards
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have bought a LiveZilla license. How can it be activated?

Once you have bought a LiveZilla License you will find a serial number of the license under "My Licenses & Orders" in the Customer's Section (you need to be logged in).

Please copy the serial number and start the LiveZilla Server Admin application (you should find an icon on your desktop). Select Server Configuration and follow the wizard until your reach the server configuration form. Switch to the Licensing / Premium tab and click the Activate button next to the regarding License / Premium Option and enter / paste the serial number.

If you receive an error while trying to activate, there are three possible causes which are:

  1. You have no (unrestricted) access to the internet or you are behind a proxy. Please make sure that you have access to the internet (HTTP / Port 80) and/or configure your proxy in the regarding LiveZilla Server Profile (LiveZilla Server Admin -> Server Profiles -> Edit -> Proxy Information) or try it from another computer/network.

  2. Depending on your local computer configuration, you may need to start the LiveZilla Server Admin as administrator.

  3. In rare cases, the local installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework or the operating system is damaged. You may try to reinstall it in order to overcome this problem.

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