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I've been using Livezilla for over a year now. I've tried other live chat apps but this has always proven to be the most customer/user...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation / Setup
Errors & Error Messages
Users & Groups


What are the hardware/software requirements to use LiveZilla Live Chat?
How can I translate the Operator Client into my native language?
How can I edit texts, emails and phrases?
The last octet of all IP's is masked (xxx). Why?
How does the LiveZilla versioning concept looks like?
Can I use LiveZilla on my Linux webserver?
Do you offer a version for Mac OSX?
What are the functional differences between On-Site and Off-Site chat integration?
How can I download and install the free version LiveZilla ONE?
Why is there a delay when posting Chat Messages?
Why are taking chat invitations and website pushs so long to appear in the visitors browser?
Is there a way to make the program support SSL? How do I enable HTTPS?
How can I offer commercial chats with LiveZilla?
What DOCTYPES are supported by LiveZilla?
How can I use/configure the LiveZilla Ticket system?
LiveZilla shows visitors that are on my website for quite a long time. Is that correct?
Where can I find older versions of LiveZilla?
Can I design my own custom Chat Invitation?
Can I install LiveZilla on my / Windows Webserver?
Does LiveZilla use cookies? Can cookies be turned off?
You announced a BETA but it's delayed a lot. Why?
My AntiVirus software is blocking LiveZilla. Why?
Do you provide API access?
Is there a web based LiveZilla console or client?
How can I install LiveZilla?
What are the pricing plans?

Installation / Setup

What is PHPinfo? How can I access it?
How can I add the Chat Bot / Virtual Assistant to my website?
How do I integrate the LiveZilla Chat / Tracking service into my website?
Do I need a module for integration with Prestashop, Drupal, Wordpress?
How can I install LiveZilla on additional computers?
Do you have any security advices?
I need to move my LiveZilla Server Installation to a new webserver. How to do that?
How can I update my web client localization files manually?
I don't manage to FTP my files using the LiveZilla Server Admin wizard. Any alternative ways?


How can I use LiveZilla with multiple websites?
What is an instance number (autologin)?
How can I optimize LiveZilla's performance?
How can I create additional Chat Login Input Fields?
Does LiveZilla provide automatic chat invitations?
How can I send chat transcripts / ticket messages by email?
Background Colors and Images Are Not Displayed in Report Prints
How can I hide certain Chat or Ticket Input Fields?
How can I set a certain Chat Input Field as mandatory/required?
There's a website when I open the LiveZilla URI using my browser. Can I delete it?
How can I translate the Customer Side Client into my native language?
How can I configure a LiveZilla Multiserver?
How to use LiveZilla with multiple websites without having to run multiple client instances?
How can I use/activate the real-time translation service for chats and tickets?
Can I automatically close chats after X minutes of inactivity?
Can I use LiveZilla in combination with cloudflare?
Can I add my Google Adwords Conversion Code to track chats?


How can I update an existing LiveZilla (Server) Installation?
After updating my LiveZilla installation I am not able to login anymore.

Errors & Error Messages

When testing my LiveZilla Server I receive the HTTP error code 403 or 500.
How to set the required file permissions (CHMOD) on my server installation?
My website does not pass the W3C Validation anymore. What's wrong?
The Realtime Visitor Monitoring does not work. Why?
When I try to start LiveZilla I receive the error message "Could not load file or assembly txkernel".
I can't type anything in the chat input box, it's blocked. Why?
When trying to validate my database configuration I receive a 1044 / 1045 / 2002 MySQL error.
When I try to start a chat I get the message: "This service is not available."
The MySQL authentication has changed. How can I change the LiveZilla MySQL settings?
When trying to upload my server using FTP I receive "permission denied (550)".
When I try to start a chat I only get the message: "This service is currently deactivated."
When starting LiveZilla an error occours: "Class not registered"
Changes in the LiveZilla Server Configuration are not saved. Why?
I can open the LiveZilla Server URI in my webbrowser while the Server Test fails all the time.
The GeoTracking system doesn't work. All I see is "Loading ...". Why?
When trying to install MDAC I receive an error and the LiveZilla installation fails.
I accidentally checked "Server requires HTTPS". Now I can't login anymore.
I have entered a wrong combination of username and password and my IP is blocked now.
The Floating button does not display correctly in Internet Explorer. Why?
LiveZilla Visitor Monitoring shows the same IP for all visitors. Why?

Users & Groups

How can I change/reset the administrator password?
How can I add further departments / groups / users / operators?
How can I change the Chat Welcome Message?


I have bought a LiveZilla license. How can it be activated?
I have bought LiveZilla Statistics and Reports recently but I can't see any reports.
I have bought a LiveZilla license but you didn't send me an invoice.
How can I transfer licenses when I change my hosting company?
How can I remove the daily visitor list limitation (LiveZilla Statistics and Reports)?
What is the GeoTracking accuracy? How many countries are included in the GeoTracking database?
How often will you bring out major version upgrades that may require me to pay again.
How can I measure conversion rates and other parameters?
I already bought some Premium Options, do I ever need to buy them again?
Can you provide me with an Invoice/Advice of Payment in advance?
Can you extend my free trial period?
What's the version upgrade pricing?


How can I create an "Operator Box" like the one you have here on
How can I pass-thru visitor information?
How can I add authentication to my chat?
How can I validate user inputs before granting access to the chat?
Can I integrate the LiveZilla Chat Window into my own Android/IOS/Windows Phone app?

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