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LiveZilla Live Chat I am very happy with Livezilla, It has many feature that even paid for software lack. It has helped my company with our site for customers that need a fast response (telephone like). Thank you Livezilla.... LiveZilla Live Support
Sotiris Oikonomou
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Release date: 2014-08-20 / Build date: 2014-08-22 Roadmap  Changelog

Client & Server Setup:

Download LiveZilla Client & Server MD5

Client Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (more ...)

Mobile APPs:
IPhone, IPad, IPod
Windows Phone

Server Requirements:
IIS or Apache with PHP 5 or greater, MySQL 5 or greater (more ...)

Other Setups:
Client Only Setup, Client Only Setup (msi / silent), Portable Version (zip)

Looking for an older version?
Please sign on to our customers section first. You can find older versions under Download Archive.

Spell Checker Dictionaries (for LiveZilla 4.1 or greater)
To install additional spell checker languages, please download the dictionary and extract all files of the zip archive into the dictionaries folder within your local LiveZilla installation folder. Restart LiveZilla and activate the language under LiveZilla Client -> Options-> Spell Checker. Restart again.