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LiveZilla Multilanguage Release Build date: 2015-09-02

Client & Server Setup:

   Download LiveZilla Client & Server

Client Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (more ...)

Server Requirements:
IIS or Apache with PHP 5 or greater, MySQL 5 or greater (more ...)

Other Setups:
Client Only Setup, Client Only Setup (msi / silent), Portable Version (zip)

Looking for an older version?
Please sign on to our customers section first. You can find older versions under Download Archive.

Development   Roadmap

Latest Beta Release Straight from the lab:

Mobile APPs
Android Play Store  (APK)
IPhone, IPad, IPod
Windows Phone  (RT)
Blackberry  (APK)

Spell Checker Dictionaries

To install additional spell checker languages, please download the dictionary and extract all files of the zip archive into the dictionaries folder within your local LiveZilla installation folder. Restart LiveZilla and activate the language under LiveZilla Client -> Options-> Spell Checker. Restart again.