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LiveZilla - Change Log


 Little UI Update
 Pass-thru URL's are clickable on operator side
 Tickets column in reports table
 Tickets messages created from email are stored with wrong message type (4 instead of 3)
 Some mysql table have no primary key
 Data pass thru Object.key group not working
 Language ISO code not forwarded to custom ticket URL
 Chat widget icons not shown correctly when size is set to large
 Input field info text hover not working
 Problems when using apostrophe in eye catcher custom text
 Broken encoding of german default auto close chat text
 Less results in ticket search when searching for comments is activated


 Flexi Buttons show text in field (instead of hover field)
 Email notification for operators when a new ticket has been addressed
 Search ticket comments
 Ticket composer auto search will remain visible once shown
 Chat welcome message is being removed when human chat invite shows up
 Visitor edit details input field header invisible
 Email encoding issues
 Ticket subject URL detection not working reliably
 Wrong language pre-selected when creating new ticket
 Widget title translation ignored when using classic mode
 Ticket API provide access to deleted tickets
 Chat archive context menu not opening in FireFox


 Knowledge Base Auto Search in Ticket Composer
 Send button in chat widget
 File button in chat widget
 Move ticket message into new ticket
 Leave chat must be confirmed (operator side)
 Missed chats will be stored as ticket (option)
 Event trigger "Chat Closed"
 Custom message when idle chats are closed automatically
 Customizable sounds
 Make time on site independent from visitor poll frequency
 Auto close inactive chats tabs
 3rd party knowledge base url will open in new window
 Luxembourgish language key
 Widget margin can be set to 0 on mobile devices
 Multiple messages created within the same visitor session will be stored in one ticket
 New color for task bar unread message element
 Visitor details will show on 13inch monitor
 Update notification will only be shown to administrators
 Online only setting ignores routing settings
 Operator can't send ticket reply when email field is masked
 Chat feedback form sometimes opens when a new start has been started
 When google translate service connection fails, chat message is dismissed
 Edit visitor details not scrollable
 Chat input field losing focus when open chat is accepted by other operator
 New chats show up in the middle of the task bar
 Group and operator chats not stored in chat archive
 Custom field type multiline "TextArea" treated as singleline "Text" in operator console
 Email encoding issues


 Chats can be removed from chat archive
 Send to function in knowledge base context menu
 Remove from chat archive permission
 File upload progress will be shown in task bar
 Chats requests accepted by other operator will disappear automatically
 Tickets performance optimization
 Chat archive search will include now custom fields
 Ticket messages length limited to 500k chars
 Leave message notice will not show to operators who are not member of the chat
 Ticket assign group / assign operator permissions not working
 Pasting URLs not working when input type is set to HTML
 Event configuration name,state and priority lost when adding/removing action
 When sending (larger) files, no further connections possible
 When sending (larger) files, chat window is closed instead of file upload window
 When sending (larger) files, chat input field is cleared on end
 Chat terms and conditions not working when ticket tos not set
 Encoding problems when creating new knowledge base entry
 Knowledge base read permissions not working reliably


 Chat button can be hidden when chat is not available
 Several hard code texts are translatable now
 Iconv //IGNORE added to improve compatibility when parsing emails
 Inbound telephone number clickable in chat widget
 Allow higher resolution for avatars
 Temporary database problems will not sign off operators
 Current chat id is shown in visitor details
 File ID removed from chat transcript email
 TLD on mails not parsed correctly when longer than 3 chars
 Widget dropdown menu (dots) is visible even when all options are deactivated
 Clicking the eye-catcher will default to chat even when all operators are offline
 No chat invite sound in classic mode
 LDAP users can't change server configuration
 Ticket sub status count includes recently removed tickets


 User Management changes not being saved when switching/reopening the window
 Data pass thru overwrite parameter is ignored once chat has been started
 Subject RE: [HASH] loop when using %subject% placeholder
 Knowledge base search not working when targeting a custom folder
 Area/Website code not stored in chat archive


 Timing events are executed more precisely
 Timezone Asia/Kabul added to represent 4.30 timezone
 Groups without external chat permission are not available for chat invites
 PHPMail is not available for new email accounts
 English translation can't be deleted
 URL's send by external users are clickable
 Subject RE: [HASH] loop when using %subject% placeholder
 E-Mail HTML encoding issues
 Language pass thru parameter gets lost when searching the knowledge base
 Broken UI when forwarding a chat to group with many members
 Visitor info tab is not updated when switching to chat with unread message
 Several chat forward/invite UI issues
 Data pass thru overwrite parameter is ignored once chat has been started
 Ticket message date on mobile devices
 LiveZilla doesn't reconnect after OS hibernation


 Secure/http-only cookie support
 Show group in chat invites table
 Notification icon (tray and taskbar) will show until message has been read
 HTML format removal is optional
 Better visitor status indicator
 Operator placeholders can be used in chat transcript email
 Parameter to overwrite existing pass-thru information
 Knowledge base category title is now clickable
 Cache expiration date changed from visit + 1 day to visit + 1 year
 Country flag in chat list
 Declining operator not shown in chat archive
 Chat notification problems on android
 Chat button will appear fixed on both mobile and desktop
 Chat invite issues with pure visitor monitoring code
 Customer question can't be modified
 Chat invites not working with fixed target group (routing)
 Chat messages get lost when sending multiple short messages quickly


 Chat login mask can be activated for bot chats
 Data pass thru parameter issues
 Wrong group selected when creating multiple tickets from emails
 Chat can't be routed to specific operator/group in Chat Bot API
 Custom fields can't be edited in Ticket View
 Manual chat invite pre-selecting wrong group


 API Ticket Status "Pending" can be configured
 API Ticket Feedback URL incorrect
 Operator permission issues


 Social Media connector issues
 PHP memory limit -1 not interpreted correctly
 Knowledge base permission blocks ticket / chat files
 Data Pass-Thru for Text Links
 Ticket can only have a language included in group languages
 MySQL field channel_unique_id missing
 Operator client not working in IE


 Real-time updates for visitor details while chatting
 New notification UI
 Post-reply ticket default status can be configured
 Feedbacks can be activated for bot chats
 User Management pagination
 User Management search
 Shortcut "R" will be added to ticket composer input field
 Author name can be hidden in Knowledge Base
 Auto close chat after X seconds of operator inactivity
 Higher operator side chat input field
 Queue waiting time is not calculated in real-time for performance reasons
 Use encodeURIComponent for PassThru data instead of proprietary Base64URLEncoding
 Several redundant SQL queries removed
 Feedbacks are not related to chat ids
 Ticket notification shows name of last email
 Content mask not working for custom fields
 Chat invites icon / table not working
 Double slashs in URLs opened from LiveZilla


 Incoming email attachments are empty or broken
 Data Pass-Thru problems with classic image chat button (external window)
 Missing operator name in chat archive
 When converting an email into a ticket the HTML body gets lost
 Input field gets cleared sometimes when receiving a new message
 Social media configurations will persist after deleting a group
 Multiple TO's will be added as CC's
 Sent to field is empty in ticket details
 Ticket detail changes are discarded sometimes
 Pass thru settings and data is not available in Link Generator preview
 Create Personal Chat Link permission not working
 ComboBox value not shown in Ticket List
 Ticket attachments can't be downloaded in FireFox
 Ticket comments are shown in wrong order
 Open 3rd party ticket system in new window not working


 Co-Browsing browser can't be changed in chat
 Chat widget not clickable on mobile after opening feedback
 Recurring visitors sometimes shown twice in VM


 Email group visibility permission
 Ticket web interface for customers
 Performance Optimizations
 Multi CC and TO Fields for tickets
 Custom eye catcher texts can be configured in Link Generator
 New Ticket Status 'Pending'
 Chat priority
 Email validation in chat widget
 Auto scroll down will stop when scrolling up manually
 KB auto search button to send link to KB article
 Shortcut 'R' to initiate Ticket Reply
 Creation and edit time shown in KB entry details
 Increase possible length of bot welcome message
 Operator fullname will be replaced with firstname and lastname
 Closed chats sometimes will not be removed from list
 Placeholder %external_name% not working in operator reply email subject
 'Deprecated' error when trying to save a message from ticket composer
 Email account port is changed back to default on edit
 Ticket attachment images will be resized
 Copy operator not working
 No line breaks in chat logs
 Translate icon loses green status when operator sends message
 Custom field types ComboBox and Checkbox not working in chat welcome message
 Feedback viewer paging problems
 Feedbacks sometimes show no operator name
 gl_stmo Error
 Custom input fields are invisible when creating a ticket from email


 Terms and conditions for chats and tickets
 Deleted emails list with option to restore deleted emails
 Personalize ticket emails (operator or group name as sender)
 Operator Permission 'Personal Chat Link'
 Create tickets from feedbacks
 Avoid multiple creation of tickets from chats/feedbacks
 Operator Permission 'Logs'
 Operator Permission 'Delete Feedbacks'
 Delete Feedbacks
 Field 'VisitorId' added to chat bot api
 Browser / OS icon in visitor details
 Offline chat information header text
 Up / down / enter keys can be used in email list
 Improved Chat Archive Search Performance
 Custom field will be shown in visitor details
 Closed chats will be pruned to improve performance
 Merged Knowledge Base entry Editor and Settings
 Change password encryption from md5 to PHP Hash API
 Chat groups owned by hidden operators will be hidden as well
 Chat button codes will not include domain name
 Chat can be clicked even when operators are offline
 Callback form will show all custom input fields
 Ticket operator select reflects group membership
 Ticket channel filter issues
 Syntax issues with resource and script headers
 Operators not visible after connections problems
 Knowledge Base entries are not sorted
 All operator chat doesn't notify
 Can't open Translation Editor with LDAP
 Operator online notification not working
 Ticket channel filter causing error after re-login
 No message sound in Safari on visitor side
 Feedback notification not working
 Delete email permission not working
 Deactivate tracking opt-out removed
 Remove QPenalty


 Visitor name changes to undefined when visitor monitoring is deactivated


 Ghost tickets created from Facebook API
 Website not scrollable on mobile firefox after returning from chat
 Syntax error in widget style.css


 Chat forward list does not show operators
 Chat window defaults to message tab
 Chat list icon not visible


 New main navigation design
 Close button for feedback layer
 Chat BOT API function "Chat with operator / group"
 Chat BOT API function "Message to operator / group"
 Chat BOT API function "Set Data"
 Chat BOT API function "Block Input"
 Chat BOT API parameter "Tag"
 Chat BOT API parameter "Language"
 Overlay Widget Classic Mode
 Optimize User Management Performance
 Optimize Knowledge Base tree view performance
 Chat Overlay Widget UI Refinements
 Chat button doesn't open chat window on mobile when only one service is active
 Eye catcher background invisible when no shadow configured
 Chat transcript will be deactivated when changing details
 Online only (hide when operators are offline) not working
 Event URL condition time on site not working
 JS resources not minified
 Feedbacks not scrollable on IOS
 Post :80 is being removed in Link Generator


 Chat BOTs pointing to wrong URL
 Knowledge base entries can't be accessed
 Visitors are shown multiple times
 Social Media Integration poll frequency lowered
 Parse errors on PHP 5.3 or older


 On-Site Chat Overlay v1 has been removed
 Server configuration "Extra timeout" was removed
 Auto flood filter removed
 Several UI performance optimizations
 Client UI slowdowns when more than 30 operators are registered in the system
 Chat invites can't be sent to visitors that are in chat already
 Ticket preview width based on screen dimensions
 Multiple LiveZilla scripts can be used in one page
 Knowledge Base files have no direct access but a download URL
 Translation files will be uploaded in base64 encoded chunks
 When creating ticket from chat, default group will be selected
 Chat Bot
 Chat Bot API
 Visitor List Treeview with different quick access categories
 Set ticket status after replying option
 Download option for Knowledge Base files
 Mobile UI Optimizations
 Files can be added to ticket comments
 Eye catcher can be activated / deactivated for online / offline separately
 Email list (prefilled emails that were used in the past)
 More streamlined and responsive Ticket Details View
 Groups in operator list can be collapsed
 Chat message status feedback (received / read)
 PHP 7.1 support
 Search function for operator list
 Char counter on ticket reply form
 Show bot icon in Knowledge Base
 Group visitor filter not working
 Cursor not active on mobile while editing new resource
 Chat history doesn't update sometimes (no sound or UI changes)
 Ticket search box glitches
 Sometimes observer shows no visitor details in chat header list
 Chat Button icons are not displayed properly when changing the DPI value in Google Chrome browser
 Visitor monitoring ignores client / server time difference resulting in different issues
 After adding a resource to an empty folder, the folder does not update properly (show icon + expand)
 Ticket print functions does not include all input fields
 Notification sound is always set to 60%
 In Firefox, operators can send empty messages in chat
 Feedback scrolling does not work
 Group level chat functions sound does not work
 Group level language Chat / Ticket information will not show
 Configuration "Visitors can change their personal information" does not work
 Problems with special chars in deactivate tracking link
 Ticket group filter permission issues
 Placeholder %quote% can't be removed from operator reply email template
 Chat functions "print" and "feedback" are visible even when deactivated in group configuration
 When creating a new ticket attachments can't be added
 When creating a new ticket reminder can't be set
 Email list is not updated when open and minimized
 Tickets created from chats are not referenced with the visitor
 Ticket status can't be changed in Mobile APP
 Ticket message HTML sometimes not available
 Chat UI problems on IPad
 Invisible operators are not fully hidden sometimes
 Minor chat button issues
 Knowledge Base issues with 5 chars iso codes
 Time difference issues in Onsite Chat Widget
 Time and date in chat archive not consistent


 SSL Header addition
 CSS optimizations
 Client UI slowdowns when more than 30 operators are registered in the system
 Recurring chats may be allocated to wrong group
 Group visitor filter not working


 Change visitor details window can't be closed
 Group visitor filter not working
 Error "CAN'T LOAD HISTORY DATA" appears in general log
 When adding a comment to a ticket in list view ticket status may change
 Eye catcher can't be closed in Firefox
 Ticket custom field message not going through on PHP 7.1
 Ticket custom field message not going through when input field is hidden


 Task Bar for Dialogs and Chats
 PHP 7.1 support
 Ticket "language" column
 Knowledge base entry settings can be set during creation
 Connection problem indicator
 Increase chat input field height on desktop systems
 Native Eye Catcher (like in 6.x)
 SSL configuration in Link Generator
 CSS classes disabled, unmovable, unselectable renamed to lz_chat_disabled, lz_chat_unmovable, lz_chat_unselectable
 Direct access URL for knowledge base articles can be plain (Not base64) to allow multilanguage entries
 Ticket subject line configuration is not used
 Operator account won't save sometimes
 When editing PHPMail mail account SMTP settings are shown
 XML files received via email can't be opened
 Tickets won't display in chat visitor details
 Chat widget disappears sometimes when visitor monitoring is deactivated
 Chat API mode issues
 Image Eye catcher is clickable when hidden (fade in time configured)
 Secondary (text) color won't be used on text link and image button
 HTML will be escaped before pasting
 Full visitor list in reports no updating automatically and limit can't be changed
 Floating button doesn't disappear in online-only mode when all operators are offline
 Group languages not loading correctly when sending chat invite
 When pasting long texts and pressing ENTER quickly message won't be send from widget
 Tickets not creating in visitor language


 Chrome Update 57: Missing Chat-Button Icons


 X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff header breaks chat button code
 Depending on the chat integration and browser window size, the 'X' (close chat widget) might be hidden
 Problems with special chars in MySQL authentication
 When changing visitor details in APP the form can't be closed


 Facebook integration sync is now limited (7 days backwards)
 User will be informed when trial period has ended
 The total number of chat tabs will be shown in main panel (instead of external chats only)
 Group chats report shows wrong data
 Chat widget switches to ticket when all operators are "Away"
 Iframes (ie for youtube videos) can be used in knowledge base entries
 Support for "HTTP_SSL" header added
 Social Media Twitter configuration issues
 Event data condition fields get encoded
 Special chars in MySQL authentication will cause problem during update
 When manually creating a new ticket the selected ticket will be updated
 Column to indicate the amount of messages in ticket view
 SMTP Email accounts showing wrong "Default" status
 Downloading translations won't work under HTTPS
 Knowledge Base editor function "Add Image" not working in APP.
 Image links in knowledge base entries are sometimes broken when sent to chat


 Knowledge base entries destroy UI when editing
 Windows APP shows gray ICON in tray
 LiveZilla Trial Link opens several times
 Knowledge Base send to chat button visible even when target user is offline
 Chat archive search function not working
 LDAP Users can't access User Management
 Open external Chat Window setting opens external window automatically
 When deativating the LiveZilla Ticket System, the external chat window (chat.php) will show broken input fields
 Chat visibility permissions are being ignored
 Invite Operator function not working


 Prefill customers email when sending chat transcripts from chat archive
 Reset button for default languages not working
 When using a graphic chat button, dynamic chat button code isn't available
 No default email account available
 Data Pass-thru not working when using different codes (with data and without)
 New Column IP in chats table
 New chat ringtone not reliable when "Keep ringing until allocated" is activated
 Custom translation upload (share)
 Link Generator preview not 100% height
 Copy / paste caret issues
 Require visitor to select a group (no default) not working for Graphic Chat Button
 Default port for POP is 110 not 25
 Mobile link changes will be dismissed
 Feedback details (name, email etc) are blank

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