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LiveZilla - Change Log


 SSL Header addition
 CSS optimizations
 Client UI slowdowns when more than 30 operators are registered in the system
 Recurring chats may be allocated to wrong group
 Group visitor filter not working


 Change visitor details window can't be closed
 Group visitor filter not working
 Error "CAN'T LOAD HISTORY DATA" appears in general log
 When adding a comment to a ticket in list view ticket status may change
 Eye catcher can't be closed in Firefox
 Ticket custom field message not going through on PHP 7.1
 Ticket custom field message not going through when input field is hidden


 Task Bar for Dialogs and Chats
 PHP 7.1 support
 Ticket "language" column
 Knowledge base entry settings can be set during creation
 Connection problem indicator
 Increase chat input field height on desktop systems
 Native Eye Catcher (like in 6.x)
 SSL configuration in Link Generator
 CSS classes disabled, unmovable, unselectable renamed to lz_chat_disabled, lz_chat_unmovable, lz_chat_unselectable
 Direct access URL for knowledge base articles can be plain (Not base64) to allow multilanguage entries
 Ticket subject line configuration is not used
 Operator account won't save sometimes
 When editing PHPMail mail account SMTP settings are shown
 XML files received via email can't be opened
 Tickets won't display in chat visitor details
 Chat widget disappears sometimes when visitor monitoring is deactivated
 Chat API mode issues
 Image Eye catcher is clickable when hidden (fade in time configured)
 Secondary (text) color won't be used on text link and image button
 HTML will be escaped before pasting
 Full visitor list in reports no updating automatically and limit can't be changed
 Floating button doesn't disappear in online-only mode when all operators are offline
 Group languages not loading correctly when sending chat invite
 When pasting long texts and pressing ENTER quickly message won't be send from widget
 Tickets not creating in visitor language


 Chrome Update 57: Missing Chat-Button Icons


 X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff header breaks chat button code
 Depending on the chat integration and browser window size, the 'X' (close chat widget) might be hidden
 Problems with special chars in MySQL authentication
 When changing visitor details in APP the form can't be closed


 Facebook integration sync is now limited (7 days backwards)
 User will be informed when trial period has ended
 The total number of chat tabs will be shown in main panel (instead of external chats only)
 Group chats report shows wrong data
 Chat widget switches to ticket when all operators are "Away"
 Iframes (ie for youtube videos) can be used in knowledge base entries
 Support for "HTTP_SSL" header added
 Social Media Twitter configuration issues
 Event data condition fields get encoded
 Special chars in MySQL authentication will cause problem during update
 When manually creating a new ticket the selected ticket will be updated
 Column to indicate the amount of messages in ticket view
 SMTP Email accounts showing wrong "Default" status
 Downloading translations won't work under HTTPS
 Knowledge Base editor function "Add Image" not working in APP.
 Image links in knowledge base entries are sometimes broken when sent to chat


 Knowledge base entries destroy UI when editing
 Windows APP shows gray ICON in tray
 LiveZilla Trial Link opens several times
 Knowledge Base send to chat button visible even when target user is offline
 Chat archive search function not working
 LDAP Users can't access User Management
 Open external Chat Window setting opens external window automatically
 When deativating the LiveZilla Ticket System, the external chat window (chat.php) will show broken input fields
 Chat visibility permissions are being ignored
 Invite Operator function not working


 Prefill customers email when sending chat transcripts from chat archive
 Reset button for default languages not working
 When using a graphic chat button, dynamic chat button code isn't available
 No default email account available
 Data Pass-thru not working when using different codes (with data and without)
 New Column IP in chats table
 New chat ringtone not reliable when "Keep ringing until allocated" is activated
 Custom translation upload (share)
 Link Generator preview not 100% height
 Copy / paste caret issues
 Require visitor to select a group (no default) not working for Graphic Chat Button
 Default port for POP is 110 not 25
 Mobile link changes will be dismissed
 Feedback details (name, email etc) are blank

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