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GDPR - What you need to know!

The GDPR will become effective on 25th of May 2018. It will entrench a unified Data Privacy Act for the whole European Union which can be an advantage especially for companies that operator all over the EU. We now want to give an overview of the most important factors of the GDPR so that our LiveZilla users will be well prepared. So let's start with a basic question: Which sorts of businesses will be effected by the GDPR and need to comply with it?

Looking at the legal text there are two crucial aspects:

  • If a company in the EU employs more than 10 people and at least one employee has an e-mail account in the business context

  • If the processing of personal data belongs to the core business of the company

One of the most important reasons why the GDPR was drafted is due to the big data scandals in recent years that shook the digital business landscape. Therefore it especially aims at taking companies up their promises that process personal data in any way. But the term "personal data" isn't exactly easy to define. That's why we want to help you by breaking down the term to the two most important parts of personal data:

  • Data relating to an identified or identifiable, actually existing person. This includes name, address, e-mail address, IP address and cookies

  • Data that represent a statement about the economic relationship

  • In order to use LiveZilla according to the GDPR rules there are some configurations you can implement:

    • Anonymization of IP addresses:
      To anonymize the IP addresses of your website visitors please go to:
      Server Configuration -> Data Privacy

    • SSL encryption of your Chat Buttons:
      In order to enable SSL encryption for your Chat Buttons please follow the instructions you find here How do I enable HTTPS?

    • Deletion and provision of customer data:
      All customer data you collect using LiveZilla can be managed through your MySQL database or the LiveZilla Client. Deletion of your customer data from your database can be configured to be automatically performed after a certain number of days. This configuration can be found under:
      Server Configuration -> Database

      Besides that you are able to export data from LiveZilla in a certain format. In order to export data please log in to the LiveZilla Client and go to "Export".

    • Provide your Terms of service or data privacy statement in your chat widget:
      In order to provide your Terms of service statement in your chat widget and all your customers to opt-in to either submitting ticket or starting a chat you need to configure this under:
      User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Languages -> Language -> Text -> Terms of service

    • Anonymization of website visitor inputs in the chat button:
      You can mask the input fields that your website visitors filled out so that your operators cannot see them. In order to set up this masking please go to:
      User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Input Fields

    • Deactivate Data Capturing in the chat:
      You have also the possibility to deactivate the complete data capturing through the chat so that your website visitors will have no opportunity to fill in their data. In order to achieve this you will need to hide all input field under:
      User Management -> Groups -> Group -> Input Fields

      Afterwards you need to disable the function that enables your website visitors to change their own data in the chat button. To set deactivate this function please go to:
      Server Configuration -> Chats -> General -> Visitors can change their personal information while chatting

    Those measures should help every LiveZilla user to work with it in compliance of the GDPR and still offer excellent customer support.

    This article was not written by a lawyer and does not claim to be legal. In case of doubt always consult your lawyer.